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Default Week 1 Power Rankings - No Falling Leafs Here

Week 1 Record: (4-1-1) Season Record: (4-1-1)
According to preseason predictions, the Leafs were definitely a team expected to be near the top of the standings. And if this week’s performance was any indication, that prediction may not be that far off. They finished the week with a 4 - 1 - 1 record with the only blemishes on their record were a loss to the Avalanche and an overtime loss to the Flyers. Special teams wise, they had the first ranked Power Play unit, successful 23% of the time and the second ranked Penalty Kill at 93%. Finally, the Leafs were extremely successful with the puck at both ends of the rink, scoring 17 goals (2nd), while also only allowing 13 goals against (tied for first). If this Week 1 trend continues for the Leafs, they will continue to be one tough team to defeat throughout the season.

Key Player: Tigers651981 - Forward - 4gp | 2g | 7a | 9pts
This recognition could have gone to any of the members of the MRT (Muscley, Rushpac, Tigers) line as they were lights out and 3 - 0 - 1 this week. However, Tigers led the way with 9 points in 4 games, second only to red hot NR this week. In 3 out of his 4 games played this week, he was named either the First Star (hat trick), Second Star or Third Star.
Note: there is a discrepancy between the statistics in the media section and main scoreboard stats page with some of the scorers on the Toronto roster. We are in the process of trying to figure it out.

Week 1 Record: (4-2-0) Season Record: (4-2-0)
The Flyers may have caught some teams by surprise this week and if their Week 1 performance is any indication of what lies ahead, opposing teams need to take note. Philadelphia finished Week 1 with the second best record at 4 - 2, even squeaking out a 4 - 3 OT victory versus the first ranked Leafs. Surprisingly, they only scored 13 goals this week, which was last, and had the 4th ranked Penalty Killing unit (79%, tied with Florida). On the positive side of things, their 14 goals against were second best, allowing only 1 more than both league leading Toronto and Colorado. The Flyers didn’t do anything particularly noteworthy this week yet they got the wins when they needed them. If they can just make a few tweaks to add some more offensive punch and establish a stronger penalty kill, Philadelphia may very well be in the thick of things week after week.

Key Player: XBoxJon - Defense - 3gp | 1g | 0a | 1pts
While Jon’s statistics were nothing flashy this week, he was downright solid on the back end for the Flyers. He had a weekly D-Rating of 94.3 (first among defenseman with 3 or more games) and was second in the league as a defenseman with 15 hits. In their crucial 4 - 3 OT victory versus Toronto, he scored the game tying goal with only .8 seconds left on the clock to send the game to OT.

Week 1 Record: (3-2-1) Season Record: (3-2-1)
Colorado was one of the preseason favorites to challenge for a title and if not for their two losses versus Philadelphia this week, the Avalanche easily could have been the #2 ranked team. They had both the most goals scored (19) and were tied with #1 ranked Toronto for the least amount of goals against with 13. Special teams were a strong suit too with their league leading Penalty Kill that was flawless in Week 1 running at 100% and Power Play that was second to only Toronto. Speaking of Toronto, in their weekly matchup with them, Colorado split the series, losing game 1 by a score of 3 - 2 but bouncing back for a 3 - 1 win in the second. Though the statistics show otherwise, the Avalanche weren’t as dominant in Week 1 as one would expect. However, with their offensive output and defensive prowess they displayed this week, I don’t expect them to be ranked in the #3 position next week.

Key Player: slickeeeslick - Goalie - 6gp | 2.17gaa | .819%
With Colorado’s first ranked Penalty Kill and league low 13 Goals Against, it’s easy to see that slickeee was a huge factor in both of those aspects. A great penalty kill starts with a strong goaltender, and slickeee, with his second ranked 2.17 GAA and .819 S%, sure didn’t disappoint for the Avs this week.

Week 1 Record: (1-3-2) Season Record: (1-3-2)
Week 1 was quite a surprising start for Florida, especially with the roster that Banks put together in the Sunshine State. What really doomed the Panthers in Week 1 was, (1) their inability to keep the biscuit out of their own net (22 GA, last), and (2) their 4th ranked Power(less) Play, that had a dismal, 7% success rate. Their Penalty Kill was nothing to write home about either as it was tied for last (79%) with the Flyers. They did manage to score 14 goals this week which was ranked third, but with the firepower assembled on this team, it’s quite shocking to see that they didn’t put more pucks in the net and were so unsuccessful with the man advantage. Florida started the week off with a solid 4 - 1 win versus Philadelphia but only gained 2 more overtime points during the remainder of Week 1. There wasn’t much to brag about in Florida during the first week, but with their offensive capabilities and veteran leadership, I certainly expect that to change in the coming weeks.

Key Player: canadianwhiskey - Defense - 4gp | 2g | 3a | 5pts
Whiskey sure wasn’t afraid to throw his body around in Week 1 with his league leading 22 hits by a defenseman. Most importantly, in their sole victory in Week 1, a 4 - 1 win versus Philadelphia, whiskey potted 2 goals (both unassisted) and had a Defensive Rating of 94.0. He was also named the Second Star of that game with a 50 Rating.

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Great job man
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Old Oct. 21st, '17, 7:42 pm   #3
May 2014 726

Excellent piece! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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Old Oct. 21st, '17, 9:38 pm   #4
Nutty Grandpa
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Great write-up....

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Old Oct. 21st, '17, 10:44 pm   #5
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Thanks for the love brah. Nice write up
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Old Oct. 22nd, '17, 9:43 am   #6
No Regretzkys
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Good stuff... Thanks for taking the time!
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Old Oct. 22nd, '17, 10:05 am   #7
Maximum effort!
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Great analysis!

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Old Oct. 23rd, '17, 9:39 am   #8
Baron Von Sauerkraut
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Great stuff Dusty. Thank for taking the time to put that together.

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Relax, have a drink.
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Well done. Well done.

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