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Old Oct. 6th, '17, 3:59 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,251
Long Island, NY
XBS XBSHL Season 19 Update #3

XBSHL Season 19 Update #3

Hello fellow XBS Members,

Well the time has finally come. After some very hard work behind the scenes, we are ready for the Season 19 Draft! As many of you know the draft will be taking place on Sunday, October 8th @ 9:00 pm.

We are still finalizing the details of the pre-draft and draft show, however you will be able to follow the draft live by clicking on the Live Draft banner on the main page of XBS. When we have completed the details for the draft show we will provide that information. We also want to provide you with some more details about the upcoming season.
  • Schedule:
    • As we explained to the owners, we are looking to create a schedule that will alleviate any availability issues with XBS members playing in other leagues. Once rosters are filled the schedule will be completed.
  • Free Agency Sign Ups:
    • Will close at the conclusion of Week 4 based on our preliminary 6 week schedule.
    • We as an admin team along with owner input will be assigning players to teams.
  • Trade Deadline:
    • At the conclusion of Week 4 based on our 6 week schedule.
  • Playoffs:
    • Top three teams in the standings will qualify for the playoffs.
    • First seed will get a bye in the first round.
    • #2 seed will face the #3 seed and the winner of that series will face the #1 seed in the finals.
    • All rounds will be best of seven.

Season 19 has been a long time coming so thanks again to those of you who stuck with us during this transition period. Let’s make it a great one!


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Old Oct. 6th, '17, 7:44 pm   #2
Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,223
Long Island, NY
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Way to stick with it guys. Good work all around
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Old Oct. 6th, '17, 9:14 pm   #3
Jun 2013 648
Pittsburgh, PA

Dusty you do some tremendous work my friend. Ever since you took over (no discredit to previous people) everything just seems to be where it should. Thanks for all the hard work to you and the guys behind the scenes. We've seen some serious improvements!

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Old Oct. 6th, '17, 9:19 pm   #4
aka: RickJamezl3ish
GetLowBanks's Avatar
May 2011 1,265

Woo hooo!!!!

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Old Oct. 7th, '17, 12:08 am   #5
Senior Member
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Jun 2008 6,876
St. Louis, MO

Time to sharpen the blades. Well done boys.
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Old Oct. 8th, '17, 4:54 pm   #6
McRibbed, For Her Pleasure
Mar 2010 415
Anderson, SC

Yay! Time to play!

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Old Oct. 9th, '17, 9:30 am   #7
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Jun 2011 205
Baltimore MD
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even so im not on here alot because of my wedding plans wat ive been reading good job dusty ann thanks for picking me up getlowbanks
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