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Old Jul. 4th, '17, 4:46 pm   #1
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Default USA vs Swiss 7/3

I can't speak for the Swiss but Team USA was feeling pretty good coming into this game. With Silky (aka Fruity Pebble Krispy Treat aka Krispy) bringing the snacks for the team, the team was nice and relaxed for game time... Only they realized they were a player short. Damn what was in those treats? USA owner was on the search for a ringer which he found when Bender stepped in to play RD. On the other side Dusty had just baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and finished folding laundry. The Swiss were ready to go. Game on!

The first game was a feeling out process as both teams sat back and waited for a mistake from their opponents. Team USA had the chemistry going from the few practice games earlier and really started to lay it on thick. Swiss goalie, kdfsjljklgjfg [aka whole damn alphabet aka letters] was ready to answer the call and did so a big way. US goalie BleedBlueBlood [aka Scott Aka The Game Triple B] did the same on the other end in this low scoring game.

Goalies last night:

The scoring started in the second as BenchBoss [aka Benchboss aka bench aka boss] slipped one past BBB as he was pouring a shot of Jaggermeister. The US responds in the 3rd as KrimsonFire [aka krim aka Sweet 16] nets two with the help of Krispy and Viper [Aka where the hell am I?] to help lift USA to the 2-1 victory in game 1.

TBC for game 2

Game 2 was underway after a short pause. Team USA came out of fire. Like a redish kind of fire. Almost like a Crimson. But it was rookie sensation WatchUrBack (Aka Wubby) doing his best Krimsonfire impression, (Or maybe Krims been doing a Wubby impression) putting up back to back goals early in the first. Chances went back and forth for a bit until the end of the first where Amazing (mediocre) Viper netted one at the end of the second to put Team USA ahead 3-0.

Team USA locker room after period 1.

The second period started with some life from Team Switzerland as their own rookie Stickflexor (Aka uhhh Stickflexor) slips one past the fire breathing dragon known as BBB. This seemed to give a spark to the Swiss as they continued on to score 2 back to back to tie the game about halfway through the 3rd. But the All American rookie on Team USA (WatchYoBack) was having none of that nonsense as he put up his 4th point of the game in his XBS debut. Team Switzerland, specifically NYIsles, says not so fast there hot shot as he brings the back to a tie with 3 minutes left in the game, off a shot from a very sleepy Rip (AKA The Godfather of XBS). That helper, along with a white russian brought Ripper right back to life as he buries one with just 15 seconds left in regulation to lift Team Switzerland to a 5-4 victory. USA coach, Amazing Viper was asked about his thoughts on game 2 in which he responded:

Overall a good showing from both teams and a good sign of things to come with such an even, well balenced matchup between the two teams. If all of the games are like these it going to be one hell of a summer series. Both teams come out with a win each to start off the opening night and have plenty to work with moving forward. With all that said, I leave you with the sounds of the game:

"Where the fuck is Zelda (Linkrunner)?" - Unknown

" Shut up, Viper" - DustyRytStyk

" Seriously! Where the fuck am I? I'm higher than giraffe p****!" - Viper

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Old Jul. 4th, '17, 5:47 pm   #2
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Long Island, NY

Haha great write up. And I burnt my cookies!!

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Old Jul. 4th, '17, 6:38 pm   #3
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Jun 2008 18,292

Well, technically Bench wasn't the one that shot the puck in....cough cough Irwin!

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Old Jul. 12th, '17, 11:12 pm   #4
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Daytona Beach Florida

Lol this was funny af
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