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Old May. 2nd, '11, 12:41 pm   #51
Rip Winkle
Rip Winkle's Avatar
Aug 2008 6,666

Ya I hear ya juji, I find that as well…not all the time but at certain times I swear the game makes you miss things…I remember a post a while ago by MGM and some of what he was describing was exactly what was happening to me…the late round mess ups on the exact same holes. I was disconnected during one of the online things army had us do earlier ….and despite overcorrecting on holes that I messed up on during the lag out round…. my ball still ended up in trouble in almost the exact same place. I had to take a break for a bit myself after that.


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Old May. 9th, '11, 4:15 pm   #52
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,442

Are we still planning on having some sort of league going for this? I've been building up my guy just for this reason. I know Joe is busy moving right now, but is this still a go ahead for later on?

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Old May. 9th, '11, 4:18 pm   #53
Tony Amonte
Mark Rechhi Fan Club
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Jul 2008 7,050
Not in Kamloops
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I too have been working to build up my golfer. I'd like a shot if anything goes down.
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