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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 12:26 pm   #1
May 2014 782
Default Week 1 Power Rankings - The first week

Week 1 Record: (7-1-0) Season Record: (7-1-0)
I always say the first week is the easiest to put together the XBS Power Rankings. It's simple you just follow the standings.

Well Los Angeles only lost one game making it exceptionally easy this week. They only had a goal differential of +5 this week, 3 of their games finished in extra time (all to Colorado) and they won each of those overtime games. The goaltending and team defense really set the tone for this team in week one, they had 4 defensmen with a D rating over 92 (including a Calder candidate, Sabres19892). Laynher and BBB combined for a save percentage 84.5. What does stand out for LA is the fact they were 3rd in the league in scoring and last on the Power Play
(5.6%) guess it doesn't matter too much when you shut the opposing teams offense down every night. I look for these guys to continue getting the job done but like every team that starts out hot, they have painted a large target on their back.

Key Player: canadianwhiskey - Defense - 4gp | 1g | 1a | 2pts
Despite an injury on opening night, CanadianWhiskey played some very responsible defense this week. 96.0 D rating is a big deal, he shut his side of the ice down quite effectively and definitely contributed to this Kings giving up the fewest goals in the league this week. He added 2 points and dished out 18 hits and will be an important piece moving forward.

Week 1 Record: (4-1-3) Season Record: (4-1-3)
Its always hard for me to come up with something to say about the team I'm playing on, I don't want to lean too far one way or another. What I can say is this is definitely Kabbot's team. I figured that out by a quick glance at the standings and noticed the Avs are first in PIMS and first in hits. What was shocking to me were a few other statistical categories. First in goals, shots, power play, penalty killing, and time on attack. The power play is scoring on a staggering 52.9% of their chances. Everyone on this squad contributed equally this week but I want to mention KT for playing on both ends of the ice and excelling at both with 4 points on forward, 3 on D and a D Rating of 96.5. This week could of played out differently for the guys from the mile high city if they pulled out an extra point or two in the those overtime losses.

Colorado will try to keep up their momentum moving forward and with a team averaging over 15 hits per game, keep your head up!

Key Player: DesiredCustoms - Forward - 4gp | 8g | 7a | 15pts
Averaging just under 4 points per game and winning the majority of the draws when in the face off circle earns this guy an honorable mention. This is the veteran leadership Colorado will lean on the rest of the season!

Week 1 Record: (3-5-0) Season Record: (3-5-0)
I felt the Flyers were right on the verge of great things this week they lost 4 one goal games and that could of put them on top of the standings. The biggest issue for Philly was giving up the most goals in the league, but they do have HABS back there with a ton of experience to hold down the crease and I'm sure he will be returning to form shortly after unexpectedly failing to show up to the Islanders training camp last season. Not to mention an incredibly experienced D core, the goals against will be dropping soon. They did manage to finish second in goals for. All of the pieces are there just a matter of getting them to click and Walt knows how todo that.

Key Player: Krimsonfire - Forward - 6gp | 6g | 7a | 13pts
Little over 2 points per game this week and a guy that's been here forever Krim will look to place this team on his back and try to carry them to greatness.

Week 1 Record: (2-5-1) Season Record: (2-5-1)
What is going on in Toronto? A team that appears to have plenty of talent is struggling out of the gate. It's week one, no need to press the panic button yet. They scored the fewest amount of goals in the league (18) and gave up the second most (27) they also took the fewest shots in week one, something I expect to see change in the following week. NSTJ is one of the goalies I hate to play, he is always where he needs to be and never gives you anything, you have to earn it. With that said I'm curious if Fluky may consider going back between the pipes so he can coach from the comfort of the blue paint? Either way I'm sure come Sunday night this squad will have their hot chocolate ready to go, their glasses cleaned and ready to kick ass and climb up the standings. They have the team that can, its just a matter of time. You also have to wonder if Fluky has picked up the phone to inquire about a Krim acquisition...

Key Player: Burnzie79 - Forward - 6gp | 4g | 7a | 11pts --- Defense - 1gp | 0g | 2a | 2pts
The second pick for the Leafs lead the team in points, and hits. I remember seeing him warning owners not to take him early as last year was just a fluke. Yeah-ok. As we can see it wasn't a joke this guy is going to be making an impression for a long time.

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 12:45 pm   #2
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,443
Long Island, NY

Great write up. Thanks for doing this.

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 1:13 pm   #3
The Garbage Man
OldTimeHockey's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,906
South Amboy, NJ
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Thanks for putting that together.

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 1:25 pm   #4
Relax, have a drink.
canadianwhiskey's Avatar
Aug 2008 3,472
Ontario, Canada
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Thanks for the nod and Nice write up bud. Still injured btw.

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 1:41 pm   #5
S25 Leafs
Jul 2008 5,284
Vancouver, B.C

Great read, it was a fun opening week!

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 3:04 pm   #6
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Jan 2018 47

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 4:30 pm   #7
Burnzie79's Avatar
Sep 2008 85
Ottawa, ON

I swear. My drop off. It's coming.

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 4:57 pm   #8
Senior Member
Apr 2018 110
grand bend ontario

good job!

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 7:56 pm   #9
Senior Member
kabbott50's Avatar
Jun 2008 2,807
St. John's, NL
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Nicely done, Russ. Thanks!

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Old Jul. 21st, '18, 9:00 pm   #10
Senior Member
Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Nice job bud! Got the hot chocolate ready for this week, and going back in between the pipes to start the week
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