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Old Jun. 14th, '18, 11:17 pm   #1
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Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Default Week 7 Power Rankings -

Week 7 Record: (8-3-1) Season Record: (39-14-7)
GF: 49 goals
GA: 34 goals
PP: 10.7%
PK: 77.3%

Blah blah blah blah. It's what people think when they see Calgary up at number 1 (again). Can't there be another team that dethrones them please? Well, season is over, and they've ended in the much earned first place position. Going forward they will have to prove why they earned it, this is where shit gets exciting. The usual NRG, Burnzie, and SoulGlow continued to produce at 16, 16, 14 points each. Watch out for these guys in the playoffs, scoring is something they all know how to do. Defense is a scattered mystery with only silentmiller and Mr Odd man out playing it consistently. Everyone else bent the knee to DesiredCustoms and did his bidding on the blue line. Goaltender wise the team hasn't held up lately, but when the team scores this much, who bloody well cares.

Key Player: Makakk88 - Forward - 10gp | 9g | 14a | 23pts
My kakk is his name, and he's here to score on your girl 88 style. Racking up 23 points and a +8 puts this man on the radar. This just goes to show how much secondary and tertiary scoring Calgary has.

Week 7 Record: (6-4-2) Season Record: (27-24-9)
GF: 40 goals
GA: 44 goals
PP: 19.2%
PK: 86.5%

Joining the rollercoaster is Las Vegas on the rock and roll adventure. Stopping in this week at rank number 2, the Golden Knights ended the season strong. Scoring 40 goals for this week was huge as they normally they lack offense. Led by kdfsjljklgjfg with 18 points in 6 games, followed by Mr Suave and Dusty with 12 and 11 points respectively. Defense held up with KT at 91 D-rating and kabbot50 being selfish at 89. ViolentMP unfortunately had a disastrous week with 73 D-rating in 6 games. Rumour has it, his elbow got stuck in the glass after his missed hits, rendering his team short handed. If this guy can connect the body in the playoffs, watch the fuck out. Goaltending looks solid with BleedGoldBlood getting the best numbers of all the starting goaltenders this week. This team if they can alter a few minor things is going to be a force to be reckon with for the stumbling Islanders.

Key Player: Nico 916 Suave - Forward - 4gp | 6g | 6a | 12pts --- Goalie - 4gp | 4.25gaa | .738%
Mr Suave, Gade, Nico, whatever the fuck you want to be called. How about key player, lets just call you that, because that's what you've earned this week. Not just for the astonishing 12 points in 4 games, but the amazing +12 and 17 hits for the cherry on top.

Week 7 Record: (6-5-1) Season Record: (26-33-1)
GF: 27 goals
GA: 32 goals
PP: 6.9%
PK: 87%

Too little too late here in Minnesota. Finally getting a winning record for the week at a point in the season that it didn't matter anymore. While the team didn't produce a lot of goals, they were able to take away a winning record. A strong defensive core in addition to stellar goaltending when it counts earned Minnesota 6 wins. It's unfortunate the team started to find a little more chemistry in the end, when they were officially eliminated from the playoffs. The guys played well all season long despite coming last place. Everyone here at XBS wishes each and every one of them the best of luck going forward!

Key Player: slickeeeslick - Forward - 10gp | 6g | 13a | 19pts
There's a new star player in town, and his name is slickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeslic k. He produced 19 points for Minnesota and set season records for the team for weekly points. Tallying up 57 hits also helped, which is no simple feat. Owners for next season take notice.

Week 7 Record: (4-8-0) Season Record: (28-22-10)
GF: 30 goals
GA: 36 goals
PP: 20.7%
PK: 90%

Slipping to 4th place in the power rankings at the worst time is NYI. While the numbers aren't dreadful, making it happen and getting those wins just wasn't a thing here. Predictably KosmicEA is topping the scoring charts with 13 points, while caseobeerz, NIK, and CyanoticGreg follow closely behind. Defensively the team remained stable with high 80's D-rating for the group led by OSB, DMRX, and allthway. Goaltending did their job, but the starting goaltender will need to step it up for playoffs to give this team the best possible chance in their playoff run.

Key Player: caseobeerz - Forward - 3gp | 4g | 7a | 11pts --- Defense - 1gp | 0g | 1a | 1pts
Beer is the answer to all of life's problems, especially any problems in NY. Caseobeerz played astounding in the final games of the season. His +/- was by far the highest on the team, points per game was the best out of everyone, and he even threw in a perfect game at defense to boot. All these factors rank case as a key player.

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 12:28 am   #2
Recruiting Coordinator
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Mar 2016 399

Good work! Good luck all!

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 5:14 am   #3
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Oct 2008 2,381
West Chester, PA
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well done
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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 7:44 am   #4
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,298
Niagara Falls, Ontario

great job sir.. thank you for taking the time

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 7:59 am   #5
Relax, have a drink.
canadianwhiskey's Avatar
Aug 2008 3,444
Ontario, Canada
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Nice write up. My internet is now fixed so look out peeps ! No more 763ms lag !

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 10:28 am   #6
Mix it with love,babe.
silentmiller's Avatar
Jul 2008 2,340

Good job Flukester! Fun reads!

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 10:45 am   #7
OSB's Avatar
Jun 2008 13,789

Thanks Fluky, nice writeup! Good luck everyone in the playoffs!

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 1:48 pm   #8
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,419

Great job Fluky and thanks for doing these. It's very much appreciated.

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 2:15 pm   #9
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Sep 2011 266

Nice writing flucky thanks for the shout out

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Old Jun. 15th, '18, 3:18 pm   #10
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,362
Long Island, NY

Thanks for doing this Fluky. Great write up.

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