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Old Jul. 29th, '18, 6:07 pm   #1
May 2014 782
Default Week 2 Power Rankings - King of the Mountain

Week 2 Record: (6-2-0) Season Record: (13-3-0)
Consistency has been key for the Kings, they continue to keep plugging away. Makakk lead the team with 17 points this week and for the most part they had a very solid week on defense. They were also the subject of two trades, trading for Burnzie then trading Burnzie back to Toronto? With DesiredCustoms not owning this year, I didn't expect the first place team to be making trades. I don't know how, but I feel Los Angeles won both trades. We will see how this pays off moving forward!

Key Player: Tigers651981 - Forward - 4gp | 8g | 2a | 10pts
Workman like performance from Tigers this week. Averaged over 2 points per game and had was +2 for the week. Come to think of it, I wonder if this cat is behind all the trades going on over there?

Week 2 Record: (5-0-1) Season Record: (9-1-4)
I wanted to put Colorado first in the power rankings only losing one game (in OT) to Los Angeles but the Avs are still a few points behind the Kings and not quite deserving of the number one spot. KT, Letters, and Banks are lighting up the scoreboard and lead in most offensive categories. Violent and Miller both are proving to be work horses. Goal differential for the Avs this week was +25 and the power play is staying hot capitalizing on 50% of the oppurtunities this week, after scoring on 53% of chances last week. OSB is becoming godly in net, hanging a couple of shutouts this week. Kabbot finally did what was best for the team and benched himself, things are looking up in Colorado.

Key Player: allthway - Forward - 6gp | 4g | 15a | 19pts
47 hits. That's the key stat.

Week 2 Record: (2-3-1) Season Record: (4-8-2)
Toronto has improved a bit this week and made multiple trades. I'm not sure if Burnzie and Fluky have a love hate relationship or not. It's always hard going back into the office after you've been fired, so I'm curious how this will effect the chemistry. Schnoz and Jeannot had a solid week on the blue line and things seem to be getting a bit stable in Toronto, they'll try to keep Philly behind them and maybe start trying to climb the standings a bit more. Depending on how these trades work out. I don't think Fluky is done moving pieces either. The goal differential for them this week (-2) isn't bad, you can tell these guys are on the edge of taking off.

Key Player: OldTimeHockey - Forward - 4gp | 8g | 6a | 14pts
This trade acquisition made quite the splash in his first few appearances ended up leading his team in points with only 4 games played. He also had the most goals and rocked a +7 needless to say this is a key piece moving forward.

Week 2 Record: (1-6-1) Season Record: (4-11-1)
Winning only one game this week caused the Flyers to slip a spot in the rankings. Curious if the wheels are falling off early in the season or if they're just a move away from turning things around. Time will tell, but as we know Bench never really hits the panic button, he will manage the squad and start rattling off W's here shortly if I had to guess. Todo that they have to stop the bleeding, giving up a league leading 43 goals this week which is 16 more goals allowed than the next closest team.

Key Player: nosice - Defense - 6gp | 0g | 2a | 2pts
Notice was the bright spot on the team, even at a -4 it was better than anyone else on the team, and his D-rating was also the best. When we talk about stopping the puck from going in the net, this guy is definitely going to be an anchor moving forward.

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Old Jul. 30th, '18, 5:23 am   #2
Senior Member
Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Nice job buddy! Thanks for writing this up
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Old Jul. 30th, '18, 1:20 pm   #3
McRibbed, For Her Pleasure
Mar 2010 434
Anderson, SC

It's like McDonald's: I'm lovin' it!

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Old Jul. 30th, '18, 4:27 pm   #4
P13M4N's Avatar
Jun 2008 13,792

Nice writeup!

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Old Jul. 31st, '18, 2:23 am   #5
S25 Leafs
Jul 2008 5,284
Vancouver, B.C

Great stuff man!

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Old Jul. 31st, '18, 8:33 am   #6
The Garbage Man
OldTimeHockey's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,906
South Amboy, NJ
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Thanks for taking the time Russ and for the nod.

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Old Jul. 31st, '18, 9:26 am   #7
Admin & Toronto Owner
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Jun 2008 18,515

Good stuff Russ and thanks for doing that.

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Old Jul. 31st, '18, 10:18 am   #8
Just Joe
Makakk88's Avatar
May 2011 1,271

Yup good writeup again Russ, keep it up. Good week everyone.

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Old Aug. 2nd, '18, 10:10 pm   #9
Senior Member
Apr 2018 110
grand bend ontario

well done

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