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Old Jun. 3rd, '18, 8:14 pm   #1
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Default Week 6 Power Rankings - Cocaine Will Kill You

I did this up quickly in 20 minutes because you guys do deserve to see atleast a brief overview of how the teams did, so here you go. The scoreboard is programmed to lock us out of posting the weekly power rankings if we wait too long, and we had to wait due to the games not inputted. Remember guys, put in the stats as soon as you can .

Week 6 Record: (8-0-0) Season Record: (31-11-6)
GF: 37 goals
GA: 18 goals
PP: 33.3%
PK: 93.3%

Back to the top at 8-0-0 last week, Calgary welcomes the return of their captain after his beach vacation. Thebigschnoz proves he does in fact remember how to goaltender with an 826 save percentage this week, with a 92 D-rating to show that it wasn't just luck. The forwards all had 10+ points and they are just unstoppable.

Key Player: LegendOfLayNher - Goalie - 6gp | 1.67gaa | .881%
Standing on his head again with an 881 save percentage and 1.67 GAA earns himself a notable mention as a key player.

Week 6 Record: (4-3-1) Season Record: (24-14-10)
GF: 20 goals
GA: 17 goals
PP: 6.3%
PK: 79.2%

Easy does it says the Islanders, coming in at second place yet again. Staying in the middle of the pack is the best way to fly under the radar. Goaltending is standing on its head here with everyone above .800 save percentage, and earning the title of least goals against for week 6. SoulControlla99 bounced back this week getting 6 points to prove to the world he's worth something, hoping that Minnesota is missing him sorely.

Key Player: GetLowBanks - Defense - 6gp | 1g | 4a | 5pts --- Goalie - 2gp | 4.00gaa | .810%
GetLowBanks has been falling flat most of the season, until now. Many agree that he has now found his new calling as a defenseman. Playing in 6 games and achieving a 95.5 D-rating, and then playing in goal for .810 save percentage earns Banks a key player mention.

Week 6 Record: (2-6-0) Season Record: (20-28-0)
GF: 14 goals
GA: 28 goals
PP: 19%
PK: 94.7%

Last week they came in at third place because they beat Vegas twice. Their stats were somewhat worse, especially the +/- for the team. Minnesota still struggles to find chemistry and is slowly being inched out of the playoffs. Their last hope is they have a fire lit up under their ass for the next few weeks and score like they've never scored before.

Key Player: Nstj - Goalie - 6gp | 3.17gaa | .782%
Playing in 6 games this week, NSTJ was able to attain a 3.17 GAA with a somewhat bittersweet .782 save percentage in the battle against EA. Coming out of the week with a shutout speaks volumes given the struggles from the team, earning this guy key player.

Week 6 Record: (2-6-0) Season Record: (21-20-7)
GF: 19 goals
GA: 27 goals
PP: 9.5%
PK: 66.7%

From first to last, cocaine is a hell of a drug. The squad reversed nearly every stat from the previous week, falling flat once again. The specialty teams here hurt them the most, scoring almost never on the powerplay and being scored on once for every three penalties taken, which just added to their failed week.

Key Player: KT - Defense - 5gp | 0g | 5a | 5pts
KT in 5 games banged out a 92 D-rating and being apart of the team's most successful games played during the week. Getting a consistent 5 points and +1 rating shows KT was a solid leader on the point for Vegas.

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Old Jun. 3rd, '18, 9:07 pm   #2
I recruit/ I net.
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Good work Fluky!

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Old Jun. 3rd, '18, 9:22 pm   #3
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Damn you fluky but nice job
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Old Jun. 4th, '18, 5:38 pm   #4
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Jun 2008 18,515

Thanks for putting that together Fluky.

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Old Jun. 4th, '18, 8:17 pm   #5
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Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Originally Posted by BenchBoss67 View Post
Damn you fluky but nice job
Originally Posted by BleedBlueBlood View Post
Thanks for putting that together Fluky.
Thanks guys, and I apologize about the unkind words.

I wish you guys the best this week! You've already beaten us twice, maybe this will be another 8-0-0 week eh.
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Old Jun. 4th, '18, 10:36 pm   #6
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Thanks for the mention Fluky... nice write up

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Old Jun. 5th, '18, 6:53 pm   #7
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Jul 2008 5,284
Vancouver, B.C

Good stuff Fluke!

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