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Old Jul. 13th, '14, 9:10 pm   #1
Jun 2013 648
Pittsburgh, PA
Default Week 2 Power Rankings

Hello Gents! Here is my first attempt at the weekly power rankings. Please bear with me as the whole aspect of "Journalism" is new to me? I do Enjoy doing these but, if I am doing something wrong with how I am presenting these please let me know because constructive criticism is something that could help me. ALSO please know that all of the rankings and key players are mentioned to my personal belief and the stats that show for it. ENJOY!


Week Record: 4-1-0

The Edmonton Oilers take the top spot this week and they have a monster of an improvement to the roster compared to the last 2 seasons. Dusty came out guns blazing in the draft and put together one hell of a team. Having KT & Kabbot as the top D-pairing is pretty good when you see the names but don't forget MR. T playing this season as a defenseman. T is posting a 91.7 D rating and 10 points and 3 games.

Honestly.. Edmonton might have the best pressuring and forechecking team in the league. Dusty is a proven defensive forward and key on the faceoffs. Dusty and 3 other fowards have over 20 points which is giving the Baron the space he needs to do the work between the pipes. Can I also add thank God I don't have to see BBB as a skater that much this season? Something crazy with this guy and his massive amounts of hits per game.

Key Player: MR .T - Yes despite only playing 3 games this season I have to give it to him. He is playing great on the back end on defense. Keep up the good work T!


Week Record 3-1-1

The Hurricanes.. Category 5 coming through! To start things off, Yes Carolina has a 17 Million dollar goalie in No Regretzkys. He is posting a record at 4-1 so far with a save percentage at .823 and not too bad of a GAA at 5.18. Stop, calm down its nothing to worry about. Well.. for Carolina atleast. This team has the best tandom of tendies with Regretzkys and Caseobeerz. Case made his XBS goalie debut this week and even though his numbers might not look the greatest DO NOT make him out to be a pushover as he was robbing SJ of goals left and right. He has a bright future if he's given the chance.

The trio of Soul, Huskies & Elk all have over 20 points. Soul currently sits at second in the scoring race. Huskies leading the assists category with his teammate Elk sitting at 16. Carolina should definitely look to these guys as their go to forward line but only time will tell if they can keep up the numbers they have been putting up. Its going to be a difficult task for any team this season to beat these guys.

Key Player: Soul - Has Soul returned to his elite scoring ways? Drafted at 3M this season he is definitely a steal at this point. He is playing a balanced way of getting points with 13G 10A 23pts in 7 games played. Such a selfless act Soul, keep it up!


Week Record: 2-3-0

The Sharks and our motto for the year is "We came to party". That indeed we are! Where do I begin? If i don't give honorable mentions to my teammates I might never hear the end of it. I am going to start with the trade that happened late in the week. San Jose shipped Nutty to Columbus in exchange for Dueces and then another trade went down that sent Dueces and Chronic(My Bestie) to NY for Rick James and Rip Winkle. Two veteran players to the league that can help make improvements immensely as SJ just may have had too much offense and not enough defense on the core of forwards.

San Jose and their defense has been pretty good this season even though numbers might not be there to prove it on their end. Although Chew has posted a 90.3 D rating. The defense and the talents of HABS are the reason the Sharks sit second in the league in the goals against category at 43.

Key Player: HABS- Everybody knows this guy. Statistically in reference to the number of games played, HABS is the best in the league right now. 3.67GAA & .849 Save percentage and also making almost 6 saves between goals. Good Job HABS!


Week Record: 2-3-0

The Flames, Your reigning cup champions. Does this team have the big 4 in Krim, Jordan, Viper and now the likes of Letters? Letters stepped down as owner of the Rangers this season and was drafted at a very worthy 8M. Letters is currently the league leader in points with 30pts in 7gp and Krim in 3rd with 23 in 6gp. It seems to be that Letters' name is all across the offensive leaders board.

This season, no KT. Will Old Dad & SkatingPenguin lock it down on the blue line? Penguin and Daly are posting 2 of the top D-ratings in the league.. Penguin with a near perfect 92.0 and Daly with a 91.6 rating. OSB isn't posting the greatest of numbers in net and it makes almost no sense with those respective D-Ratings.. The problem could be Letters and his league leading 3 Short handed goals?

Key Player: Letters- God this is so painful to see his name involved with Calgary so many times but hey, He's the reason Calgary is winning games and he's leading the league in points.


Week Record: 2-2-2

The Jackets having 6 games this week and 2 of them going to overtime eventually leading to overtime losses. Just a case of bad luck is all. These boys bring the pain every game leading the league with 408 hits and to add that with a very good forward in Novicain who currently sits second in the point race (7GP 11G 14A) and is at the top of the heap in power play goals with 6. The Jackets are going to need the return of Chem to really get some offense going again having only played 2 games so far he will definitely be itching to get out there.

The arrival of possibly the most underrated defenseman in the league.. DementedSpud. This was a very good trade acquisition on behalf of the jackets. Spud plays a really good 2 way game and he very well could be the judge of the outcome of a game in an instant. Chewbacca and the +/- avg of the Jackets should change for the better right away.

Key Player: Novicain- The former Selke winner and proven complete player. Novi has been taking charge all season and it's more than likely going to continue.


Week Record: 2-3-0

What do we have to do to win?! The Rangers have definitely been struggling this season. They are crying out for offense and well, they made a trade. As read before Nexus shipped out Spud, Banks and Rip. Those players were a great defensive core to the team but sometimes you have to make sacrifices and the Rangers brought in Chronic, Dueceswild and SilentMiller. Could this leave a hole in the Defensive unit in front of Bubba? Only time will tell if this was the right move or not.

Who the hell is this rookie with a grammatical error to his xbs account name..? Is it allthway or is it allthEway? Regardless this guy is bringing the pain this season by leading the league in hits with 131 in 8gp, 46 more than Whiplash in 2 less games played. I think this might be an open challenge to BBB's hit record? Who knows.. But NY really needs to start scoring goals and Chronic will be there to provide. NY currently sits last in the league with 36GF but they are 1st in the league with 298 shots. Pucks just aren't finding the net.

Key Player: Alltheway AKA Allthway- The rook is proving he can play any position offense or defense.. He's rocking his 89.7 D-rating and 13 pts in 8gp. His numbers will surely increase with the arrival of Chronic and Dueces.

This concludes my week 2 write up. It was shortened and done somewhat quick due to the fact I was out all weekend but look for improvements in next weeks write up! Thanks for reading my horrendous work!

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Old Jul. 13th, '14, 9:14 pm   #2
OSB's Avatar
Jun 2008 13,796

Great writeup, I really enjoyed reading it!

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Old Jul. 13th, '14, 9:50 pm   #3
I'm a Bear
Dec 2012 978
Lake Hills, New York

Great stuff Clarke! Well done my friend, well done. Great read.

Congrats to The Key Players
I'm a Bear ('''''\ ( ;....; ) /''''')
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Old Jul. 13th, '14, 9:56 pm   #4
xD A L Y
Senior Member
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Mar 2013 402

Great write up! Props on the old dad shout out!
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Old Jul. 13th, '14, 11:06 pm   #5
Toronto Owner/Captain
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Jun 2008 18,446

great work Rev!

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Old Jul. 14th, '14, 12:32 am   #6
Ftz chr0nic
Dec 2013 136

Nice write up! Thanks for the kind words
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Old Jul. 14th, '14, 12:52 am   #7
Dusty is the better brother
May 2011 650
Long Island NY

Great write up Rev. Thank you for doing this.
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Old Jul. 14th, '14, 7:03 am   #8
Rip Winkle
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Aug 2008 6,666

Good stuff Rev...thanks for taking this on.


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Old Jul. 14th, '14, 7:56 am   #9
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,302
Niagara Falls, Ontario

great read... thanks for taking the time to do this

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Old Jul. 14th, '14, 9:17 am   #10
Mix it with love,babe.
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Jul 2008 2,351

Nice job Rev!

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