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Old Mar. 17th, '15, 2:23 pm   #31
Baron Von Sauerkraut
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Jun 2008 18,190

I have a very busy week this week, but I will be playing this a lot very shortly. Perhaps by the weekend.

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Old Mar. 18th, '15, 6:06 pm   #32
Jun 2012 1,649
Rockland, ME

I have about 9 hours invested into the game already, long way away from the 321 I have in BF4.....but I could see myself getting there. Has it's problems just like any other FPS, but at the end of the day it's just a fun game to play. Sure, there's been some frustrating moments, most of which feel like a "cheap death" where you pelt a guy with bullets only for him to turn around and get that one lucky head shot. But, that could be due to some of the starting weapons being pretty weak, even by traditional Battlefield standards. Not that you can't have success, but for example with the starting assault rifle (RO933), it has a maximum of 20 damage, so be prepared to get at least 5 shots in.

Side note, I also gave the campaign a quick go this afternoon, and it might just be the best in Battlefield's history. Somewhat like Hitman in a way (although that's just the most recent stealth game I've played so it's fresh in mind), but having the option to go loud or stealth is enjoyable. Won't be for everyone of course.
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Old Mar. 18th, '15, 6:49 pm   #33
The Band is Back
Aug 2011 2,100
New Bedford
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I'm a huge fan of the hostage change type
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