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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 5:00 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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Default Week 7 Power Rankings - The Oil Bounce Back

Week 7 Record: (7-1-0) Season Record: (36-17-3)
The Edmonton Oilers obviously weren't too pleased with last week's power rankings when they were ranked 4th and it certainly showed this week. They went 7 - 1 this week with their only loss coming against Florida in a 4 - 3 game. Currently the Oilers sit in second place, with a record of 36 - 17 - 3 (75 points), nipping at the heels of the Panthers, only 1 point behind. With a huge matchup with those same Cats to end the season, it's going to be a battle to the bitter end for that #1 seed and bye in the playoffs.

Offensively, it was more of the same, as the Oil led the league in scoring with 33 goals. An attack spearheaded by Makakk88 who had 20 points in 6 games, was simply dominant this week. The trio of No Regretzkys, Rip Winkle, and DustyRytStyk provided a steady flow of points as well, combining for 41 points and Rip again was a physical presence with his team leading 20 hits. Both nosice and DesiredCustoms played a limited number of games up front this week yet sprinkled in a combined 9 points in their 4 games.

Defensively, this unit played with a chip on their collective shoulder this week allowing only 15 goals against which was a league low. All three defensemen this week had D-Ratings of 90.5 or better with nosice posting a team best 93.5. DrugMonkeyRX and Jai Diggs were no slouches either as offensively Drug added 8 points including an OT winner, and Diggs handed out a team leading 20 hits. This unit was a force to be reckoned with this week.

LegendOfLayNher was the workhorse this week playing in all 8 games while facing a ton of rubber (89 shots). His numbers were simply outstanding, (bested only by BBB), as he went 7 - 1, with a GAA of 1.88 and 1 shutout. LayNher is really playing some dominant hockey right now and if he continues this play, we all know what a red hot goaltender can do.

Edmonton continues to provide a challenge to those pesky Florida Panthers but haven't yet been able to overtake them. As we approach the final games of the season, the matchup between these two teams to end the week, could be the difference between a first round bye or playing the Leafs in the opening round. Either way, Edmonton will pose a challenge for any team.

Key Player: DrugMonkeyRX - Defense - 6gp | 1g | 7a | 8pts
The old wily vet Drug gets mentioned here. Though sometimes I have no idea where one of his passes is headed, he was a rock for the Oil this week. He lead the defensive unit in both +/- and points, which included 7 helpers. And his lone goal was an important one, as it sealed the deal in overtime versus Toronto when he fired it home from the point to win the game 4 - 3. Just another performance we have come to expect.

Week 7 Record: (5-2-1) Season Record: (35-15-6)
Florida continues to stay atop the standings by playing consistent hockey week in and week out and went 5 - 2 this week. The Oilers have continued to apply the pressure and while the Panthers have bent a little bit, they haven't broken, still sitting 1 point ahead of Edmonton in the overall standings. with a current record stands at 35 - 15 - 6. Florida has done an excellent job of keeping the Oilers at bay all season, and it is going to be quite an exciting finish for these two teams.

When it came to putting the puck in the net, it was a non issue for the Panthers, as they scored the second most amount of goals this week with 29. It was a major team effort offensively for Florida with all 6 forwards contributing. BenchBoss67 was the team leader in points with 10 but TheBossCwC and Nico 916 Suave followed up with 9 points each of their own. amazingviper who made his return this week , kdfsjljklgjfg, and GetLowBanks rounded out the scoring with a combined 16 poiints.

Florida wasn't far behind Edmonton in goals against, allowing only 17 which was only 2 less than the Oilers. A five man rotation which also included BenchBoss67 and Nico 916 Suave (both normally forwards) did the trick this week. All 5 defensemen posted D-Ratings of 89.5 or higher and both KT and The Riddler3 provided some scoring punch with 9 points each. And chewbacca1964 just went about his business, posting a D-Rating of 96.5 which was second on the team.

It was the BleedBlueBlood and FluKy show again in the pipes for Florida. It was BBB who stole the show however, as he continues to compile mind boggling numbers to the the tune of a 1.83 GAA and 2 shutouts in Week 6. And when called upon, Fluky did his part too going 1 - 0 - 1 with a respectable GAA of 3.00.

Florida has the old bend but don't break attitude as we approach the final week. They continue to stay the course, holding off the Oilers in the process. They currently hold the top seed and have been atop the overall standings for a majority of the season. Regardless of whether they attain the first round bye or not, the Panthers are just so solid throughout their lineup that it's going to be a monumental challenge for any team to take them down.

Key Player: BenchBoss67 - Forward - 4gp | 5g | 5a | 10pts --- Defense - 2gp | 0g | 3a | 3pts
Bench pulled double duty this week playing 4 games as a forward and 2 games on defense. As a forward, he was the Cats leading scorer with 10 points in 4 games. When he was on the blue line he was third on the team with a very respectable 93.0 D-Rating and lead the defensive core with 14 hits. In a 5 - 1 victory versus the Jets, Bench added three assists from the back end and was named the Third Star of the game. Bench was a valuable asset to Banks this week.

Week 7 Record: (3-4-1) Season Record: (28-22-6)
The Maple Leafs ride at the top last week was short lived and slide down to the #3 spot this week. After an outstanding Week 5, Toronto moved back to mediocre status with a weekly record of 3 - 4 - 1, and remain in third place overall with a record of 28 - 22 -6 which equates to 62 points. Toronto will be making the playoffs and will be facing either Florida or Edmonton in the first round. Despite the ranking this week and considering what the Leafs accomplished last week, either one of those teams could make an early playoff exit.

With their 26 goals scored, the Leafs were in the middle of the pack, ranked 3rd among the four teams. As we have become accustomed to with this offense, Krimsonfire was the leader of the pack registering 17 points in 7 games. The remaining offensive effort was spread among 6 other members with none of them playing more than 4 games this week. Ftz chr0nic and OldTimeHockey each with 4 games played had 17 and 10 points respectively and the remaining foursome of Revelations, canadianwhiskey, slickeeeslick, and even kabbott50 all chipped in offensively as well with a combined 12 points.

Defensively, Toronto lost their way a bit this week, allowing 34 goals which was most in the league. The five man unit collectively were just not on the same page this week, as not one of them had a D-Rating higher 83.6. kabbott50 did his best to get the unit up and running with his physical play (32 hits) and team leading points and D-Rating but it just wasn't enough. OSB and canadianwhiskey were a physical presence as well combining for 37 hits and caseobeerz added 3 points but it was a struggle otherwise. FeenixRising23 rounded out the defensive rotations but was only able to play one game this week, so his stats don't represent the season he has had thus far.

slickeeeslick and rookie Nstj split the goaltending duties with each playing 4 games, yet it was slickeee who took the reins this week. He added 1 shutout to his resume and was ranked third among netminders in both GAA and S%. Nstj had his troubles tracking the puck this week, but I certainly expect a bounce back for him as we approach the playoffs.

Toronto went from red hot last week to ice cold this week. They have shown glimpses throughout the season that they have what it takes to compete with both Florida and Edmonton but lack consistency. They have a talented roster that when on the same page can be very dangerous. A first round matchup with Florida or Edmonton is inevitable yet it's just a matter of which Toronto team will show up.

Key Player: kabbott50 - Forward - 1gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts --- Defense - 5gp | 0g | 5a | 5pts
On a D unit that had their woes this week, Kabbott came to play. He led all Toronto d-men in D-Rating with a 83.6 and was a human wrecking ball with his 32 hits. His 5 points also were also tops among his defensive teammates. He did chip in one game on offense, but we won't go there from a statistical point of view (it ain't pretty folks). Kabbott plays the game with an edge and this week was case in point.

Week 7 Record: (1-7-0) Season Record: (13-37-6)
Winnipeg slides back to the #4 position this week, as they concluded the week with a 1 - 7 record. They have a current overall record of 13 - 37 - 6 and will be a spectator when the playoffs roll around next week. On the bright side, their lone win came against league leading Florida, when down by 2 in the third, they potted two unanswered goals en route to a 2 - 1 victory. I also wanted to take the time to thank those Winnipeg members that stuck it out to the very end and continued to play respectable hockey. It's never easy when a team struggles, (we've all been there), it can get really frustrating, and after a while it all adds up. So thank you once again.

As has been the story for the majority of the season, the Jets just couldn't get the offense going this week, scoring only 7 goals in 8 games played. It really was a team effort with 7 different members playing up front, but each one of them failed to provide a spark. Ac09dc, Rushpac, and RValliant had a combined 7 points, but after that trio, unfortunately, the well dried up. silentmiller, Tigers651981, BONGKARMA, and muscleyarms83 just couldn't find the net, combining for a total of 4 points.

It was defense by committee in Winnipeg as well this week as muscley used a rotation of 6 members to patrol the back end. The Jets allowed 29 goals this week, which was 5 better than the Leafs, and good for third in the league. This unit has always been a physical one and week 7 was no exception as XBoxJon, ViolentMP, and muscleyarms83 had a combined 53 hits with all three putting up respectable D-Rating numbers. bubbaman115, Teddy Beavers, and BONGKARMA each played two games on the back end, but collectively they couldn't find their normal game this week with D-Ratings lower than we have come to expect.

The Nutty Grandpa and bubbaman115 tandem manned the crease for Winnipeg with Nutty carrying the load, playing in 6 out of the 8 games. But similar to the entire Jets team this week, they just couldn't hold it together and their numbers reflected that. As we approach the final games of the season Nutty and bubba have a chance to redeem themselves a bit.

Winnipeg will be forgetting this season and moving on quite quickly. After a promising week one the wins just never consistently materialized. Muscley did his best to shake up a roster with trades and free agent additions but the spark he was looking for just wasn't there. As a rookie owner, I'm sure muscley learned a ton this season and maybe he will be looking to learn from those mistakes next season. Either way, thank you to muscley and Winnipeg for seeing it through.

Key Player: ViolentMP - Defense - 2gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts
Violent sure wasn't ready to throw in the towel yet this week. He was the lead man when it came to D-Rating (90.0) and hits (18) proving he certainly hasn't taken the edge off his game. He didn't put up any flashy stats, but he brought a physical defensive element as he has done all season. When you cross the blue line keep your eyes open for the Violent Freight Train.

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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 5:05 pm   #2
Recruiting Coordinator
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Mar 2016 318

Great work again Dusty!

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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 5:22 pm   #3
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Thanks for the shout out Mike. Great job as usual!!

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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 6:03 pm   #4
Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,223
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great job man!
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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 6:23 pm   #5
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Jul 2008 5,222
Vancouver, B.C

Great read Dusty! It was an awesome season, looking forward to seeing how these next few games will play out.

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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 7:33 pm   #6
Toronto Owner/Captain
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Jun 2008 18,290

Great read as usual Dusty, thanks so much for putting these together.

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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 9:53 pm   #7
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YAHOO!!!!! Finally got my name mentioned. But seriously thanks for the mention.

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Old Mar. 11th, '18, 11:53 pm   #8
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
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Walt's dished out a lot of hugs for that mention. It's about time! Great write ups man

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Old Mar. 12th, '18, 8:34 am   #9
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,288
Niagara Falls, Ontario

great job as usual on these.. they take alot of time. and its a great read for the community

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Old Mar. 13th, '18, 1:49 am   #10
McRibbed, For Her Pleasure
Mar 2010 415
Anderson, SC

I look forward to reading these each week.

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