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Old Feb. 17th, '17, 7:23 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,356
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Default New Shoutbox Feature

Hello Fellow Members,

As you have noticed BTW has done an excellent job in getting a chat feature up and running for our members. It's a great way for us to drum up some forum activity and get our members interacting more with one another. I will add more to this later but basically just be cool to one another. A good old ribbing is fine but don't push it too far. We are all mature members so let's not ruin this chat feature and just have some fun with it.

~ Dusty

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Old Feb. 17th, '17, 8:28 pm   #2
Et Non Erunt Decem
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Jun 2010 5,198
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Great work!

"Ya drive on down to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play, and sure, the gas is cheap, but fuck if they don't even have All Dressed chips in that shithole." - Wayne
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Old Feb. 17th, '17, 10:19 pm   #3
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Jun 2008 18,713
St. Louis, Mo

What does "mute/unmute Tab" do? I'm assuming sound can be played through it?

I'll need to figure out how to do the /ignore username thing for sure. *EDIT* Not trying to be negative about it, I just know there are a couple of people who will destroy this thing

Last edited by jujimum; Feb. 17th, '17 at 10:57 pm.
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Old Feb. 17th, '17, 10:29 pm   #4
I lock people up
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Jun 2008 5,634
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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 7:46 am   #5
Senior Member
Jul 2008 5,255
Vancouver, B.C

Very nice new feature, I also like how the website is linked directly to the forum now instead of the index like it used to be, that's a nice touch as well.

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 5:04 pm   #6
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Dec 2008 5,136
Portland, OR
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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 9:02 pm   #7
aka: RickJamezl3ish
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May 2011 1,282

Read and understood.

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Old Feb. 19th, '17, 7:38 pm   #8
McRibbed, For Her Pleasure
Mar 2010 422
Anderson, SC

Read and understood.

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Old Feb. 21st, '17, 4:26 am   #9
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jujimum's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,713
St. Louis, Mo

After talking with a couple people about the Shoutbox feature, I went looking for some answers to questions I had. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did come across the following:

If you go here (same as User CP > Shoutbox Settings), you can customize or personalize your Shoutbox experience a bit. Most of the options are better left with the defaults I think but some might be worth looking at (such as sounds, PM notifications, placement of the input bar, etc.)

Also you can click here (same as UserCP > Custom Commands to create custom commands obviously . This is something that could be useful if there's a phrase you use a lot. For example:

Setting up a a hockey night you could create a Command with the Command Input of /hn and the Command Output as Looking to get some games in tonight around 10pm Eastern. Not a huge time saver by any means, but you can set up numerous Commands for whatever (looks like only three at first but once you enter one or more, you still have three slots for more). And if the Shoutbox works on the phone (I haven't tried it yet) it's a lot easier to type three letters than a whole sentence.

I didn't quite understand the Use Parameter check box which is why I have so many test messages. Sorry .

BTW, I know you told me you'd look into it but I did see there is an archive. However, I couldn't tell just from reading whether or not it's for the Leaders of the site or regular members could see it as well. It looks like there might be two separate archives. One in the Admin CP and one for everyone to see No hurry on figuring that out though, I was just wondering like I said. Seems to have a lot of options. I like the forum milestones showing up in there
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Old Feb. 23rd, '17, 9:09 pm   #10
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Mar 2012 15

i am a fan of shouting
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