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Old Jan. 2nd, '18, 10:11 am   #1
Maximum effort!
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Default The Evil Within 2

This game was on sale on Steam over the holidays, so I picked it up. Didn't really get a chance to play it until last night.

Now, I'm not one to seek out stress and anxiety as a rule of thumb, so I'm not often drawn to these sorts of games. This one however came highly recommended, and what the hell it's on sale, let's give it a shot.

Sot there i was last night, in the basement playing this game. I went all in: zero lights anywhere in the basement, other than my PC screen. Surround sound noise-cancelling headphones, ready for immersion.

I'll stop right here, and say that it didn't take long before my first "oh fuck" moment. Despite being on full alert, knowing I was walking into all sorts of unknown trouble, despite being on full alert, they still fucking got me. I didn't full out fall out of my chair or anything like that, but man my heart was pounding in my chest and the adrenaline was coursing. Good thing I was drawn away from the game, or I might still be in there.

I'm looking forward to spending more time with the game, and giving a bit better of a review. This was more of a first impression, and it was quite the impression!


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Old Jan. 2nd, '18, 6:46 pm   #2
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Did you play the first one? They do they same in that. You get plunged in with the main bad guy and it's like Oh Fuck. I stopped playing soon after I started and haven't went back. Now I have RE7 so I'll probably play that first.
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Old Jan. 3rd, '18, 12:01 pm   #3
Maximum effort!
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Jun 2008 13,732

I did not play the first one, no, though I have read very good things about RE7 (and will probably pick that up too).

The NHL series has gotten a bit stale for me, so I've been branching out more and more (picked up Witcher III game of the year edition - all DLC, for $20 over the holiday, and I have that going too. Also, another play through Skyrim. As well as Grand Theft Auto Online (PC), and Elder Scrolls online). That said, I still enjoy the XBSHL, so I still play that (and the occasional club game), mostly for the social fun (and the occasional thundering hit).

I still don't have nearly enough time to game, but I've been branching out more and thoroughly enjoying it.

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