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Old Sep. 28th, '16, 4:27 pm   #1
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XBS Schedule Length Change

This is just an overall announcement of the change to how scheduling will be starting this (the 17th Season) season.

We will no longer be operating with doubleheaders every night. Instead we'll simply be playing our usual 60 games over a longer calendar period. This will translate into about a 3 month season (Not accounting for the winter break).

With this in mind, we will use this format and then after this season determine if the season needs to be extended or shortened based on this or if EA finally allows us to edit period length again at some point.

Thanks for your patience, and keep alert as we are approaching the homestretch for signups!


XBS Management
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Old Sep. 28th, '16, 10:12 pm   #2
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Question. Is the playoff format remaining the same as s16 or will all teams make it with a bye?

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Originally Posted by allthway View Post
Question. Is the playoff format remaining the same as s16 or will all teams make it with a bye?
The playoff format will remain the same as last season. Top two teams from each division will make the playoffs, and the two winners will matchup in the Final. We have thought about having everyone make the playoffs, but at the end of the day, it kind of takes away from the intensity during the regular season.
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