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Old May. 4th, '18, 11:34 pm   #1
Senior Member
Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Default Week 2 Power Rankings - Week 2 Power Rankings

Love or hate me, Iíll be your new power rankings writer for season 21! While this may be just like the common marriage battle between love and hate, I can only hope we all find all the love in our hearts (corny eh?). Without further ado, your weekly power rankings and a brief description of how this novice writer believes your team is doing. Good luck!

Week 2 Record: (5-3-1) Season Record: (8-4-3)
This week Calgary gained the most points at 11, and did so many things right. Makkak with a stellar 18 points in 7 games, and spreading the love as everyone was producing. His momma taught him that sharing is caring, it paid off with 13 assists. OTH, Burnzie, SoulGlow, Whiskey, NRG, and that 1 odd guy, were ALL at 2 points per game or higher. The defense core combined has a very impressive D-rating of 87.2 which has propelled Calgary to victory, however, their weakness appears to be their PK. Calgary this week is the only team to score more goals for (31) over goals against (29), along with scoring the most goals for this week.

Key Player: muscleyarms83 - Defense - 5gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts
This guy right here came out of this week with the highest D-rating on the team at 92.4, and won every game he played in. While his stats may not shine at 0 points, he is obviously doing something right for the team out there on the ice. Is he hiding a rabbit's foot in his pants? Nobody knows for sure, but if anybody finds out, there is a cash reward.

Week 2 Record: (4-2-2) Season Record: (10-3-3)
Dropping down 1 position this week are the Islanders with a 4-2-2 record. Pushing 2 games into an overtime gives them a slight edge into second position this week, but just barely. While FluKy shit the bed in net posting up a .742 save percentage, Allthway and Newfie strapped on some pads for the week to share some duties between the pipes. The rest of the team stepped up as the Isles finished the week strong with 29 goals for, but with 29 goals against to balance it out. The defense core kept to a consistent pace and left no man behind with not one below 80 D-rating. The weakness for the Islanders comes in the faceoff circle, losing a majority of the draws and giving up the time of possession. Fortunately the forwards will still able to score plenty with Kosmic, Greg, and Banks leading the charge at 15-12-10 points.

As a side note, OSB went back to his roots at 53 hits this week alone! I swear that's a misprint, how is that even possible?!

Key Player: KosmicEA - Forward - 4gp | 5g | 10a | 15pts
Another consistent performer getting 15 points in 4 games. Watch out krim, you may have more points, but Kosmic has significantly more points per game. Kosmic was also the only player on the team to be above 50% on the draw this week. With numbers like these, Kosmic is quickly becoming New York's most relied upon player, and the league's most dangerous forward.

Week 2 Record: (4-4-1) Season Record: (5-7-3)
Moving up 1 position this week and now above Minnesota in the power rankings. Why, might you ask? While they had 1 extra game this week giving them a 4-4-1 record, ultimately it gives them 1 point more. It doesn't stop there, their PK was also better (the best this week at 88%) and they had more goals for. The forwards are consistently producing together, and Dusty's right stick still goes fairly unused as usual. Letters has found a way to hack the faceoffs winning 72.5% this week, lets see how long his gameshark holds up. One impressive stat to note is BenchBoss67's 8 goals this week. Perhaps he has turned into a goal scorer for season 21, watch out for this guy. The defensive core of silentmiller, KT, Violent, and nosice are playing solid in front of the solid goaltender. None of them have under 80 D-rating with Violent leading the charge at 88. At this point Vegas will just keep going up if they keep playing as they are.

Key Player: BleedBlueBlood - Goalie - 7gp | 3.00gaa | .811%
Key player this week goes to BleedBlueBlood for his consistent play. Having a goaltender that a team can trust is absolutely crucial, and allows the team to focus on their roles. The key for this team's success this season lies here in their number 2 draft pick at .811 save percentage for 7 games with a showstopping 2.43 GAA in 5v5 play. If you want to beat Vegas, you have to solve this puzzle.

Week 2 Record: (4-4-0) Season Record: (8-8-0)
Coming last with a 4-4 week, this is unheard of. It's not that they did bad, it's just the other teams did a tad better. Minnesota comes out of this week with the least goals against at 22, but they also only scored 21 times. Clearly while playing this team you'll have a low scoring game, and they're okay with that. The defense are playing great, along with the goaltenders, at .786 for Nstj and a stellar .879 for The Riddler3. Was this just the beginners luck for Riddler? Only time will tell, hopefully The Riddle will get more time in the blue ice to pad these stats and push the team to more victories. For the scoring, Krimsonfire has 9 out of the team's 21 goals, so if they want to move up, the rest of the team is gonna have to learn how to find the back of the net.

Key Player: Krimsonfire - Forward - 8gp | 9g | 7a | 16pts
While he was the key player last week, his presence cannot be ignored. His scoring output is far above others on the team at 2 points per game, while the others hover around 1 point per game or lower. Taking only 2 PIM in 8 games, and coming out with an above 50% faceoff percentage with all the points places Krim near the top of the XBS most wanted list, watch out for this guy!

I apologize if anyone feels as if I have missed them, I was at a race track on the motorcycle all day. Physically and mentally exhausted, enjoy

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Old May. 5th, '18, 12:00 am   #2
Et Non Erunt Decem
muscleyarms83's Avatar
Jun 2010 5,221
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rabbits foot? Id say half a roll of dimes. Gets the job done though.

Good writeup Fluky

"Ya drive on down to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play, and sure, the gas is cheap, but fuck if they don't even have All Dressed chips in that shithole." - Wayne
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Old May. 5th, '18, 7:11 am   #3
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Oct 2008 2,381
West Chester, PA
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good write up fluky
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Old May. 5th, '18, 8:33 am   #4
Relax, have a drink.
canadianwhiskey's Avatar
Aug 2008 3,457
Ontario, Canada
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Awesome write up man.

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Old May. 5th, '18, 9:20 am   #5
Just Joe
Makakk88's Avatar
May 2011 1,252

Originally Posted by FluKy View Post
As a side note, OSB went back to his roots at 53 hits this week alone! I swear that's a misprint, how is that even possible?!
I've heard someone taught him the enforcer ways.

Good job Fluky!

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Old May. 5th, '18, 1:34 pm   #6
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,372
Long Island, NY

Great write up. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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Old May. 5th, '18, 3:47 pm   #7
The Garbage Man
OldTimeHockey's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,917
South Amboy, NJ
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Thanks for putting that together Fluky!

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Old May. 5th, '18, 4:42 pm   #8
Senior Member
Jul 2008 5,265
Vancouver, B.C

Great writeup Fluky! Thanks for stepping up and doing this!

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Old May. 5th, '18, 7:44 pm   #9
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,442

Great write up Flukster and thanks for the mention

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Old May. 5th, '18, 8:41 pm   #10
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Jan 2018 44

���� Props fluk

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