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Old May. 18th, '18, 6:00 pm   #1
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Default Week 4 Power Rankings - Week 3 The Vegas and Wild Switcharoo

For anyone curious of how long this takes to write up, I started at 4:30pm and finally finished now when I posted it at 6:00pm. Just wanted to put it out there as I'm not sure people know that. I know that I had no idea it took this long, now I've gained an appreciation for the guys who have done it over the years!

Week 4 Record: (7-1-0) Season Record: (21-6-5)

GF: 25
GA: 15
PP: 20.8%
PK: 85%

Calgary could stop winning already, perhaps the other teams would like that, it would give something new to write about. However, this train just can't stop producing. SoulGlowAct1v8r and Makakk88 were able to come in with 13 and 11 points this week, while the rest of the team was not far behind. Defensively the average D-rating for the entire defensive core is above 90 which is unreal. Layner continues to pull in impressive saves as well, achieving a 1.88 GAA with .831 save percentage. Will there be anything that slows this team down? Perhaps the collapsing forwards in the defensive zone will one day hurt them? At this rate, they are getting closer and closer to the cup.

Key Player: That 1 odd guy - Defense - 4gp | 1g | 5a | 6pts
Whoever this odd guy is, he is here to play. After 4 games the odd 1 has put up an astounding 100 D-rating through 4 games with a solid +9. Deciding that wasn't enough, he had 1 goal and 5 assists. Proof that everybody can put up the points and score, while also being defensive minded, that 1 odd guy becomes the key player of the week.

Week 4 Record: (4-4-0) Season Record: (16-16-0)

GF: 16
GA: 16
PP: 11.1%
PK: 85.7%

Zero to hero with yet again, another 4-4-0 record. It's becoming slightly hysterical how consistent they are, and how they move up and down the rankings. This here folks, is the story of the tortoise and the heir, Minnesota being the tortoise. They place slightly above NYI from winning both games against them. This week the offense wasn't shining like the north star, but their defense certainly was. Krimsonfire was not the only one scoring this week, SoulControlla99 and Rushpac also put in 3 goals each, with Tigers651981 (do those numbers even mean something bro?) scoring 2 each. The story of this team is the defense with their incredible 16 goals against this week, giving great D-ratings for The Riddler3 (90), KASTOR N POLLUX (90), and FeenixRising23 (92)!!! If you're playing Minnesota and the Nutty ol' Grandpa's team, just don't get your hopes up to score.

Key Player: The Riddler3 - Defense - 8gp | 1g | 7a | 8pts
The Riddler3 has a stellar week on the blue line this week. Playing in all 8 games is tough and risks the chance of over exhaustion, but he remains consistent under the pressure at 90 D-rating and 8 points. Riddler is also notably above .500 win percentage this season on a team that is consistently .500 making him not only a key player this week, but a key player all season.

Week 4 Record: (3-2-3) Season Record: (16-8-8)

GF: 19
GA: 19
PP: 16.7%
PK: 88%

If you play NYI, expect the game to go into overtime. Brew your coffee extra strong the nights you play these guys just to insure you keep yourself sharp, as they are prone to lose in OT. Otherwise, you may be kissing that point goodbye. This team backed by the strongest starting goaltender of the league this week at .880 save percentage, is having a roller coaster of a season. Coming out of this week with a solid 8 points puts them at .500 for the week. NIKDAGREEK23 was able to pull 12 points out of his ass, netting 6 goals and 6 assists for a once in a life time week. Defense has stayed strong and consistent this week posting up a team average of 92.3! That's DMRX 93.8, BIGD(ick?) 92.3, allthway 95.8 and OSB 87.3 with 31 hits to boot. Expect some easy goals against NYI at times, but know they'll tighten up real quick when it counts to force that overtime period in the end.

Key Player: allthway - Defense - 4gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts --- Goalie - 2gp | 3.00gaa | .778%
After being dropped last season due to cocaine addiction, allthway is out of rehab and showing this league what's good. Putting up a D-rating of 95.8 in 4 games, and even stepping in between the pipes, made this man of misery the key player for the week. Without this guy, the Islanders would be lost. The whole team greatly appreciates his return and the presence is felt every night.

Week 4 Record: (2-5-1) Season Record: (11-14-7)

GF: 10
GA: 20
PP: 9.5%
PK: 81.2%

Vegas was gaining and gaining, up until this week where they fell flatter than a well shaken can of coke. Offensively they came out weaker than they ever have, catching some of that Minnesota fever. While Dusty was able to snag 6 points, it steeply declines after that at 3 points and less for all of the slumping forwards. Defensively they remained strong enough to keep them close, but not close enough. BleedBlueBlood putting up a 2.5 GAA with .821 save percentage on a week such as this is quite impressive, but it wasn't enough. Scoring just 10 goals in a week is just not going to win any games, sorry boys. Luckily silentmiller and nosice were able to pad their D-rating this week with a 90 and 92 respectively. Back to the poker table for these lads to try again for next week.

Key Player: DustyRytStyk - Forward - 4gp | 3g | 3a | 6pts
This week Dusty finally learned how to use his other joystick! This week he was in on 6 of the 10 goals scored, getting 3 goals himself, making him their most effective player and also had the team's best +/- this week. Dusty has been, and always will be one tough motherfucker in the faceoff dot and this week is just another example of that. For these reasons stated, the dusty right stick is the key player of this week.

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Old May. 18th, '18, 6:59 pm   #2
Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,228
Long Island, NY
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The NYI write up is probably the best ever to hit the pages here at XBS

Hilarious stuff FLuky you psycho maniac
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Old May. 18th, '18, 7:33 pm   #3
Recruiting Coordinator
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Mar 2016 415

Thank you Fluky. I appreciate what you do.

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Old May. 18th, '18, 8:25 pm   #4
aka: RickJamezl3ish
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May 2011 1,293

Thanks Fluky. Looks great. I def liked our key player info. haha

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Old May. 18th, '18, 9:02 pm   #5
That 1 odd guy
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Feb 2017 131

Thanks for the mention. Good write ups

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Old May. 19th, '18, 12:34 pm   #6
Mix it with love,babe.
silentmiller's Avatar
Jul 2008 2,349

Nice work Fluky!

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Old May. 19th, '18, 3:07 pm   #7
Toronto Owner/Captain
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Jun 2008 18,442

Well done man and thank you for putting it together. It was a great read

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Old May. 19th, '18, 4:19 pm   #8
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,372
Long Island, NY

Thanks for putting this together and thank you for the mention. Only and hour and a half? Man up, these power rankings would take me all

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Old May. 19th, '18, 9:44 pm   #9
Just Joe
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May 2011 1,252

Great job on the write-up Fluky, nice touch this week.

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