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XBS Season 17 Owners!

Hello folks! It's with great pleasure that I can now announce the Ownership group for our 17th Season of the XBSHL! We have a lot of familiar faces among the group, but some new blood entering the mix as well. But each and every one of them is dedicated to making this season fun and successful for you...and, you know, maybe earn a Cup along the way.

I'll also leave this tidbit here so that it is not missed: Signups will begin in a few days

...Figure that will be hard to miss. At any rate get ready for the season to begin soon. Keep your eyes peeled here on the site for announcements in the coming days. Oh and make sure to spread the word!

But that's not what we're here for in this thread. Without further ado, here are your Season 17 Owners!


Desired Customs, St. Louis Blues

At this point, DC can be considered the "elder statesman" of the group, and his experience makes him an especially savvy GM. Being drafted to the Blues this season means you will be enjoying a system already setup and well tested, and having an owner who won't panic and keeps his team steady. He's the perfect owner for new players who have just entered the league wanted to know what our basic tenets are. And beyond all that, DC knows how to make a hell of a team and adjust midseason through shrewd trades and pickups. The Blues are a team to watch for this season.

Letters, Detroit Red Wings

As the Red Wings prepare to move into their new arena, Letters looks to bring one final Cup to Joe Louis Arena. Letters chooses to do most of his damage through drafting, a strategy that has seen mixed results at times, but in the past his teams have had the bad luck to play in highly competitive divisions. Will this season be the one that puts them over the top? Either way, you can expect a fun team to watch in Detroit this year.

No Regretzkys, Tampa Bay Lightning

Looking to cast off his "new kid on the block" label among the owners, NR makes his return for Season 17. The Lightning were a strong contender last season and with the strong maneuvers that NR did this looks to remain the same. Already having an elite goalie sewed up is such an advantage it cannot be overstated; the Lightning can now afford to spend big on other positions without breaking the bank. He can target a shutdown D to really have opposing teams frustrated, or he can target a Rocket Richard winner and attempt to blow some teams out of the water completely. The sky's the limit for this team.

ShockZone, Arizona Coyotes

Last season's Stanley Cup runners up returns! Shockzone's Coyotes started off in a rough patch that had many leaving them for dead. But this team never gave up on itself and clawed its way back into contention through a series of excellent trades and waiver pickups, eventually coming close to tasting final glory but falling short. Now, the Coyotes look to build on their success from last season and achieve what was thought to be unachievable in Arizona...without the early struggles this time. Can Shockzone carry over his penchant for good deals while this time striking gold in the draft? The answer to that question will determine the ultimate fate of the Coyotes.


GetLowBanks, Florida Panthers

The highly anticipated move to ownership has happened for Banks. Bringing the Panthers into the fold, he'll look to establish early success in the south. It's unknown what Banks' overall strategy will be in building his squad, but it's important to remember that he can do a bit of everything positionally and is an exceptional center, a position that is hard to play and even harder to reliably fill. Good centers can effectively change the game with good faceoff draws and playmaking, and now Banks can focus his attention elsewhere in the draft. What will we see out of the newcomers this season?

KT, Vancouver Canucks

To absolutely no one's surprise, KT has chosen to revive the Canucks franchise! The strong silent type, KT will look to establish a steady group early and roll through with him leading a stout defense. With his seemingly endless defensive accolades, KT will no problem limiting opposing offenses. The big question is how will he build from there? Whether he gets a defensive partner that can play to his style well, it's a surefire scorer with a nice supporting cast, or even a brick wall in the net, much like No Reretzkys, KT has a nice built-in advantage that he can capitalize on. But with new games, comes new uncertainties: Will players who used to be juggernauts in a past game continue their excellence here? KT will need to take that in consideration as he makes his inaugural picks.

So that's it for the introduction of our new owners for this season. The League thanks them for their commitment and wishes them luck in their future seasons!

Stay tuned for the announcement of signup dates and the official announcement of the 17th Season of the XBSHL!
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