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Default XBS 3 Stars: Week 2 - Panther Prominence

Again, a tough week of choices. Just one note: I usually like to do the rankings based on a minimum number of games played (3) per week. So while other players may have better statistics over a smaller sample size, it doesn't mean they will be chosen as a Star of the Week.

Florida Panthers
[ Forward | 6gp | 13g | 9a | 22pts ] - [ Week Record | 5-1-0 ]

Talk about leading by example. I could bore you with his downright gaudy offensive numbers, 22 points in 6 games, but that wouldn't tell the entire story. Banks was an absolute force for his Panthers this week, winning 50% of his draws, going 5 - 1 in his 6 games played, while also doling out 15 hits (ranked 2nd). And as if that wasn't enough, in their much anticipated game 1 matchup versus top dog Toronto this week, Banks potted a hat trick, including the game winner in OT, and also garnered First Star honors. Make no doubt about it, Banks was definitely the straw that stirred the drink in Florida this week.

Toronto Maple Leafs
[ Goalie | 6gp | 2.17gaa | .814% ] - [ Week Record | 4-1-1 ]

As much as it pains me to say it, there is no denying the stellar week the self proclaimed Baron Von Vezina Hands had between the pipes. As if his 2 shutouts versus the Flyers wasn't enough, in his 6 games played (based on a 3 game minimum) in the pipes, he was tops in all categories including GAA (2.17), GAA 5 v. 5 (2.00), and Save % (.814). He also went 4 - 1 - 1 on the week while also being named the First Star in both games of the doubleheader versus Philadelphia when he nabbed those aforementioned shutouts. BBB will use every excuse in the book when things aren't going well, but in Week 2, everything was peachy in Scotty's world.

Florida Panthers
[ Defense | 3gp | 0g | 4a | 4pts ] - [ Week Record | 3-0-0 ]

This was not an easy choice this week as there were many viable candidates. However, miller just went about his business this week providing a stable presence on the back end in Florida and that is why he is getting recognized here. He was undefeated during the week, going 3 - 0, and led all defensemen with a +/- of +10. He also had a very respectable D-Rating of 89.7 (3rd) and offensively, he chipped in 4 assists in his 3 games played. Miller has always been that bring your hard hat and lunch pail to work type of player, and this week was no exception, as he helped Florida get itself back on track.

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