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I know I'm late to the party, LOL, but I just picked up 2k10. Sold NHL 10 so wanted to try something different for my hockey fix. Got a good deal off eBay. First thing I done was hopped on and downloaded some sliders. So far pleasantly surprised. Game play on the ice is pretty good.

After a 2-3 games I really like that you can always move your stick. You don't have to do the poke check first, like in NHL 10. Arenas and intros I think are much better then 10. But I will agree with others, the menu system is horrible. It's the same thing that's in NBA 2k10, incase someone has played that but not NHL.

I think the onice product looks good but once it goes to a cutscene, everything looks horrible. Skating doesn't look right. Goalies are horrendous. They don't have team specific masks, ala NHL 10, so atleast with the Jackets both goalies had odd colored helmets.

Nice to see them actually have the Jackets cannon, unfortunately they screwed it up. LOL Sounds good except they have it go off once for each number the goal represents on the scoreboard, when it should actually just be once.

So far seems to be a pretty good game and best of all no freezes. LOL Hopefully I stay this excited for it, I need a hockey game.
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