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Yeah, not a bit fan of the multiplayer. Halo wasn't my thing, neither is this.
I love Halo multiplayer, but Destiny multiplayer still wasn't my thing. I enjoyed the graphics of the game, and some of the later missions, but the PvP needs serious balancing for it to work out. It is trying to use the World of Warcraft PvP model where you battle with what you have, but that introduces a significant flaw in the system for an FPS: the imbalance of damage in weapons.

As an example: I was playing against another lvl 8 in the beta and both of us using Scout Rifles. However, his did 64 damage, while mine only did 43. That is HUGE difference in damage output and completely unacceptable in a game where every bullet matters. I understand what Bungie wants, but FPS games are not the place for that. They need to normalize the damage for weapon types when you go into PvP.

This game was a Day 1 buy for me, but until I see any updates from there, I've cancelled my pre-order as Madden, FIFA, NHL and Halo will take up enough time

EDIT: Pretty much what Bryan said before me while I was taking the time to write my response...
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