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Default AC/DC Retiring?

Oh no.

Possibly the greatest bar music band in history, it's heavily rumored that AC/DC will be announcing retirement very soon due to Malcolm Young suffering a stroke that has left him unable to play.

Rumors started very quietly a few months back but have gained a lot of traction in the last couple of days. The band has made no statement on the issue other than a while back Brian Johnson mentioning offhand that "one of our boys is sick" but declining to mention who specifically.

If this is true I'll be horribly disappointed. Each of the last 3 times they were in the area I was too busy to go see them and I've been told they put on a far better and more energetic live show than kids a third of their age.

Hopefully Malcolm is well and recovers at least enough to enjoy the rest of his life (he's 61) if not get back on the stage as the brains behind the band.

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