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Originally Posted by Thamps View Post
Just saw Here Comes The Boom, and I loved it. May mean more to me since I'm studying to be a teacher but still an awesome movie. Some really funny parts as well as some parts that gave me chills due to awesomeness. Definitely recommend it.
Good to hear.

Originally Posted by muscleyarms83 View Post
I've wanted to see it, but Kevin James just lets me down, like... every time.
That's why I said, good to hear.

Originally Posted by Thamps View Post
I don't think it would. Surprisingly he actually impressed me in parts with how fast his hands were and how athletic he could be for such a big guy. Add in some great fight scenes, some inspirational parts, some hillarious comedy and you have a winner in my books.
I actually really like Kevin James. His stand-up was awesome (specifically "Sweat the Small Stuff) and I loved King of Queens. His movies have been disappointing but I always saw potential. Most of his stuff is too slapsticky and I don't think he needs to do that. Then again, most of his stuff seems to have been geared for younger viewers. Despite the negative reviews, I thought Paul Blart wasn't too bad. Mind you, I was disappointed but I thought it was a cleaner version of Observe and Report (which I thought didn't think was much better than Mall Cop even though the reviews slammed Mall Cop and recommended Observe/Report).

Anyway, I keep hoping Kevin James' movies are better. Not sure why I care. Maybe because a lot of people compare me to him Thankfully, it's not ONLY because of appearance but personality as well (more specifically his character on King of Queens).

Oh, I also wanted to say that he's very athletic despite being bigger (again, I can relate, lol). He showed some of it on the show King of Queens. While not athletic, there was an episode he worked the stripper pole and was, um, how to say...agile?
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