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Originally Posted by Phoenix 2.0 View Post
Have you played bad company 2 on 360 at all Scott? Frame rate is not an issue.

Spend $60.00 on a game that will include regular updates and have no issues with compatibility and play with friends


Spend hundreds of dollars on upgrading a system and hunting for drivers and pray that hackers don't find a way to bypass punkbuster too quickly to ruin the experience. Not to mention only getting half of the content promised in a timely manner compared to consoles and the other half canceled altogether...

EA has made it clear over the years that they want to get away from pc gaming, too many pirates and hackers cutting into profits.

At least give the console version a look Scott, we will be waiting
Will I try the console version ? Sure will but seeing how BFBC is already running @ 30 FPS and knowing it drops below that at times makes it a 100% certainty that BF3 will suffer from the same issues if not MORE issues on console.

Will it be a fun and playable game ? Sure will but will it be optimized on console ? Nope.

PC will be the superior platform just like it has been for years now with the BF series.

Also honestly to compare bfbc and bf3.. you really can't BFBC was ment for consoles and ported to PC. It will be the other way around this time. BFBC is a great console spin-off of battlefield but BF lives and dies on PC and it's community.

Also mass cheating has never been a issue for BF on PC.

Don't forget the guts of the xbox and ps3 are going on 6 years old.

In regards of the gameplay video's we have seen they have all been taken off the PC. There is no way the current consoles can run that at a playable frame rate. While the game will still look great on console don't expect anything more that BFBC with possibly slightly better lighting.

And really the multi player difference alone is enough for me to want it on PC more. Dice already said each console will get the same maps and they will make the bad company maps seem small. 24 players on those maps will make it seem like a wasteland ( im not convinced console maps won't be roped off and shrunk )

Bad Company may live and die on the consoles but Battlefield will always remain a PC players dream.

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