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Pros: Easy to learn, lots of fun. Simple gameplay, you basically just hit the A button to advance positions in the clinch and on the ground. You can put together smooth combinations, and I find that most of the animations look realistic. The submission system is a nice touch.

Cons: It can get boring. It's hard to establish a lay and pray type of ground game. Lack of KO's, too many TKO's. The gameplay movement is too quick, and fighters don't get tired or injured enough. It takes about 50 solid leg kicks before the opponent starts to slow down.

UFC Undisputed:

Pros: Longer lasting gameplay in my opinion. More complex (which can be also be a con). Way more animations, for example many different takedowns using the cage, and ground transitions such as the salavary/crucifix. The fighters are more like their real life counterparts, everyone has their own moveset. Perfect if you love customization, not so great if you don't. The clinch game is much more effective than EA, and should be used more.

Cons: Takes a lot of time to learn all the moves. Too many big KO's, not enough TKO's. Submissions completely rely on your attribute rating, I could never submit a guy using average submission skills (although it's been a while since I've played, it might have changed).

I think if your a diehard MMA gamer then go with Undisputed. If you just want to have fun then go with EA.

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