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Originally Posted by BleedBlueBlood View Post
Oh yeah, forgot to say I switched over to Hardcore last night (MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE!) and that's all I'm playing going forward.

I can't tell you how frustrating it is to unload a clip of ammo at someone, only to have them fire 1 or 2 shots back and BANG, YOU'RE DEAD!
One thing I have been mindful of lately is not to panic and only fire burts, I used to meet a bad guy and hold down the trigger until I was empty and wonder why I got dead. If the bad guy has flak enabled most of your full pull trigger is wasted and allows him time to squeeze off some better aimed shots at you.

Hard core is awesome and not forgiving at all, I'm still too new to this game to switch over just yet lol

I unlocked the M104 shotgun this afternoon and I didn't think it was possible to love a shotgun but I love this thing!!

Next rank I will unlock squad sprint which will be awesome, it will allow 3 other guys (in my squad) to select separate specializations when I have it enabled and not worry about the sprint...

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