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Originally Posted by jujimum View Post
Well, before I just absolutely hate the game, I'm going to switch to Conquest.

The matchmaking, while at least it's working, is horrible. I'm tired of losing to guys ranked 39 (I'm Lvl 9) when the best guys on my team might be 14 or so. I realize a friend can invite someone so that throws things off, but a quick look at the teams and ours were definitely weaker.

Tonight the game was almost ruined for me. So I'll try a different mode.

I suck at shooters, but with BF2 I was mediocre. I wasn't horrible and at least stood a chance. I'm just getting destroyed. Not even fun at all.
I saw you playing Rush and I'm thanks! You're on your

Played my first Team Death Match and it was alright. You get less points than Conquest for promotions, but it was cool. I got the last kill to win the match, so I got a special 500 point ribbon for that.

I'll be playing BF3 tonight for quite awhile. Have a Madden game earlier in the evening, but from about 9pm est onwards, I'll be in BF3. Let's get some squads going tonight

But I concur, Conquest is the best game to play overall!

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