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I understand that the following preferences will be considered active for the season and will be referenced during scheduling of team games. While every effort will be made to accommodate all preferences, I understand there may be times I will be called upon to play secondary choice positions. Refusals and inflexibility may result in less opportunities to play, ranging from being benched, to being waived and in extreme cases suspended from league play.

From a scale of 1 to 5 please apply a number indicating how often you mind playing a specific position.

The scale is as follows:

Never - 0 games a season ( 1 )
Extreme Emergencies - up to 3 games in a season ( 2 )
If Needed - up to 10 games in a season ( 3 )
Sure - up to 20 games in a season ( 4 )
Anytime - any amount is fine ( 5 )

Center (1 to 5): 5
Left Winger (1 to 5): 5
Right Winger (1 to 5): 5
Left Defense (1 to 5): 5
Right Defense (1 to 5): 5
Goaltender (1 to 5): 4

Additional Notes:

1. I travel for work, so there will be weeks where I'm not available for any games. I'm typically able to give several weeks notice.

2. I'll gladly play goalie, but please don't make the mistake of drafting me to be your starting goalie. I enjoy playing, and will gladly back somebody up, or provide relief here and there where needed, but I'm not in any way starting goalie material.

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