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Exclamation Spoilers - Better safe than sorry

With the release of some good RPGs lately, I thought it was time to address this "issue".

When making a post or thread with potential spoilers, please use the spoiler tags as much as possible. If you're in doubt as to if it's a spoiler or not, take the safe route and use the spoiler tags.

Be as vague as possible when titling your thread and/or asking a question.

It's very annoying and disrespectful to ruin the game (or anything else) for others who might only be reading in an effort to help or participate on the forums.

To use the spoiler tags, you can highlight the text that you don't want visible and click the button on the toolbar.

Or, you can place [spoiler] before the text and [/ spoiler] after (without the space after the slash).

Please be courteous and respect our members who might play at a slower pace, have not seen a movie, etc. It is much appreciated and we thank you in advance.

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