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Originally Posted by muscleyarms83 View Post
Wreck-It Ralph: Long story short, this movie gave me diabeetus. What I thought was a brilliant concept - video game villain wants to be the good guy for a change - turns into an overly saccharine display of self-confidence which, while a great message for the kids of today, particularly those hurting to find their place in the world, is ham-fisted just like the title character.
Excitement I had for the screen presence of so many classic video game characters was very short-lived - none play a meaningful role, and only a couple ever speak.
But the most damning thing for me was the sheer amount of time spent in the kart racing game Sugar Rush - a bit of a Mario Kart parody. Everything in this world is candy-related, and to spend a whole hour of the film in there literally made me feel like I had been gorging on caramel.
It's fairly enjoyable for kids, but there is very little in the way of fun for adults, and shamefully, hardcore gamers. A missed opportunity.


Completely agree with what you said

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