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Phoenix 2.0 Apr. 7th, '09 4:38 pm

The Bigs 2
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Prince Fielder!

Fiddy Apr. 7th, '09 9:07 pm

this game looks more sim than mlb2k :)

im def picking this up, i had a blast with the first one.

OldTimeHockey Apr. 11th, '09 11:16 pm

I had picked up the first one on Wii and was disappointed. I think I will sit another year out until they get to use that special motion control thing, and they improve the fielding/baserunning.

Phoenix 2.0 Jul. 14th, '09 10:29 pm

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Jepockn Jul. 15th, '09 12:48 am

i rented this and mlb 2k9 and really enjoyed the bigs 2.

i would highly recommend it, lots of fun

Phoenix 2.0 Jul. 15th, '09 2:08 am

I still plan on getting it, just a matter of when for me...

I am not sure why the game is rated as low as it it, the reviewer keeps talking about how much better it is from The Bigs then hangs a 7.3 or whatever on it

BxGngsta Jul. 17th, '09 1:47 pm

It's a fun game. I just can't play it because my 360 won't read it. Doesn't make sense. I might have to send my 360 in for repair. This sucks.

Blaudawg Aug. 2nd, '09 12:11 pm

i see this as more of a fun game to rent than buy

BxGngsta Aug. 3rd, '09 4:12 pm


Originally Posted by Blaudawg (Post 71118)
i see this as more of a fun game to rent than buy

I'm a baseball nut, so it was a buy for me. I just wish I had my 360 back. I still haven't been able to play the game on my time. I have played it in friends houses and got whipped. I need revenge.

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