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BleedBlueBlood Sep. 18th, '17 1:28 pm

Yahoo Fantasy NHL League
Hey Guys,

I already have a few guys interested in this, but thought I would see who else from XBS would like to participate.

I'm setting up an XBS league through Yahoo Fantasy leagues.

All that we ask is that you play all season long, regardless of your place in the standings. Nothing kills a league faster than quitters...

We'll have a live draft just before the NHL season begins and then all you have to do is set your lineups every now and then. It's a piece of cake.

Please PM me your email address so I can send you the invite for the league.


slickeeeslick Sep. 18th, '17 5:59 pm

I'm in

BleedBlueBlood Sep. 18th, '17 7:07 pm


Originally Posted by slickeeeslick (Post 345210)
I'm in

I already have your email from the NFL league, so you're good. I'll send you the invite tonight or tomorrow.

allthway Sep. 18th, '17 7:46 pm


Originally Posted by slickeeeslick (Post 345210)
I'm in

Hope this isn't a money league

OSB Sep. 19th, '17 7:08 am

I'm in also.

BleedBlueBlood Sep. 19th, '17 9:52 am

Sweet, it's filling up quick :) Only a few more spots left.

BleedBlueBlood Sep. 20th, '17 12:40 pm

Invites have been sent, check your emails.

Nutty Grandpa Sep. 20th, '17 6:43 pm

I suck badly at Fantasy Hockey, but in the interest of letting others have fun at my expense, I'll play.

OSB Sep. 21st, '17 8:33 am

All signed up!

BleedBlueBlood Sep. 21st, '17 11:07 am

With Nutty, we now have 10. 12 will be our max if there are any last minute up to 2 spots left,

Still waiting on Slick, ATW, Miller and Makaak to accept the invites that were sent. Please get into the league so we can discuss a date and time that's best for everyone for the draft.


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