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bones56 Feb. 18th, '10 8:23 pm

CBS Sports March Madness XBS Bracket
I have a league setup for last year and it renews each year, i know its a little early but it will be here fast. I can send out invites each year so if your interested send me your email and i will get them out!!

thanks and good luck!!

Jcon77 Feb. 19th, '10 5:46 am

Got the invite Nial. I'm all over it once the brackets are set.

bones56 Feb. 19th, '10 12:10 pm

from last year we had 10 and the good news is that i beleive that all are sill active here, so hopefully we can expand a little. By the way the winner last year was Scott (BBB)

BleedBlueBlood Feb. 19th, '10 1:14 pm

I was? I don't even remember who I picked...Do you still have access to last year's stuff?

jujimum Feb. 19th, '10 2:01 pm


Originally Posted by BleedBlueBlood (Post 93543)
I was? I don't even remember who I picked...Do you still have access to last year's stuff?

You can see last year's bracket. I saw mine at least ;) I didn't realize I was 4th. I thought I bombed last year's bracket. Not that 4th is good....for me it is.

bones56 Feb. 19th, '10 4:01 pm

I think everyone bombed last year!! lol

bones56 Mar. 9th, '10 6:22 pm

Bump, its closer

Jcon77 Mar. 9th, '10 7:12 pm

I can't freakin wait.

BleedBlueBlood Mar. 9th, '10 7:15 pm

Just waiting for the picks to be open.

Phoenix 2.0 Mar. 11th, '10 11:20 pm

The Ivan Brothers Invade 2010 NCAA March Madness!

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