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X-BOT Sep. 14th, '12 5:50 am

NHL GM Connected League - Official XBS Signup

This is the thread to sign up as an alternate for the first season of the XBS GM Connected League. It is a 1 vs. 1 league with a unique mixture of simming and playing that should provide a great league experience.

There is all lot of VERY important information in the announcement thread regarding the set-up of the league. Make sure you read it prior to signing up. You can view the thread by going here:

If you are interested in signing up and making the commitment required, then please do so by replying to this thread. Your name will be added to the list.

Please keep this thread clear of discussions and only use it to sign up. Use the above linked thread for discussions please.

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Thank you and good luck,

Phoenix 2.0 Sep. 14th, '12 6:49 am

I'm in.

Blackzyuk Sep. 14th, '12 7:29 am

MR. T i

IIx Omark xII Sep. 14th, '12 7:35 am

Im in as well

kabbott50 Sep. 14th, '12 7:37 am

I'll throw my hat into the ring.

TOMPKINSx05 Sep. 14th, '12 8:09 am

im in

BenchBoss67 Sep. 14th, '12 8:28 am

i will play

Berks Sep. 14th, '12 8:29 am

I'm in

Jepockn Sep. 14th, '12 8:51 am

Sign me up!

MGM Sep. 14th, '12 8:53 am

This sounds great! I'm in!!

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