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RUNNGduckBUTTER Feb. 27th, '17 10:12 am

Dick butter
Names runngduckbutter. I'm in the 239 hockey league. Was recruited over to their league by a couple members light the lamp and drug monkey. I'm a defensemen by trade. Just like to play NHL. Wasnt in a league before 239 and I really enjoy it. Team in 239 thought the u was an I and called me dick for half a season before realizing it was duck so most just call me dick and that's fine with me lol

BleedBlueBlood Feb. 27th, '17 10:19 am

Welcome to XBS! How about we call you Richard instead :rofl:

GetLowBanks Feb. 27th, '17 10:32 am

What's up duck. Welcome.

allthway Feb. 27th, '17 10:37 am

Good way to get a lot of views on this page. Dick Butter.

DustyRytStyk Feb. 27th, '17 11:20 am

Welcome Duck.

x AbiLiTy x Feb. 27th, '17 11:49 am

I better not find any "dick butter" on the ice!
Welcome to the site/league!

OSB Feb. 27th, '17 12:05 pm

Welcome to XBS, truffle. :agree: :tumbsup:

Revelations Feb. 27th, '17 12:14 pm

Welcome to the site Rich!

KT Feb. 27th, '17 5:01 pm

Welcome to XBS! ��

Rip Winkle Feb. 28th, '17 12:32 pm

Welcome Duck.


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