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BleedBlueBlood Oct. 2nd, '15 1:34 pm

Need for Speed
I don't often get excited for racing games, but this one does. I got my closed beta token this morning and can't wait to play this weekend. If you're not familiar with this version of NFS, check it out!

BleedBlueBlood Oct. 29th, '15 2:48 pm

This is out now for people with EA Access.

OSB Nov. 3rd, '15 9:49 am

I downloaded it over the weekend, but just couldn't get into it. Admittedly, when it comes to driving / racing cars, my preference lies strongly toward the "sim" aspect of racing. I did put in a few hours with the game, and it looks very well done indeed. If you're a fan of the NFS series, then you'll definitely enjoy this game!

Great recommendation!

BleedBlueBlood Nov. 3rd, '15 11:44 am

Picking up my pre-order tonight on the way home from work. I've always loved the NFS series and I think this one is the best to date.

KT Nov. 30th, '15 4:58 pm

Just bought it yesterday and I'm definitely having a lot of fun with it. I needed a racing game, and haven't really ever been a fan of the Forza series. Can't wait to buy some pretty amazing cars soon, although it seems money is hard to come by.. at least in the beginning.

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