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Phoenix 2.0 Sep. 16th, '09 2:17 pm

Initial thoughts?
I saw 2 fellas on my friends list playing this last night, what are the initial impressions?

Phoenix 2.0 Sep. 16th, '09 5:51 pm

Bueller.... Bueller....

Jeffrey99 Sep. 16th, '09 7:43 pm

Unfortunately here in Indiana your lucky to find one of the two hockey games and of course the only one is NHL 10. So hopefully by this weekend I'll find someplace to rent it. Was just gonna buy both and may still but can't right at the moment due to financial reasons. So hopefully by this weekend, I can have some input to this thread.

DrugMonkeyRX Sep. 16th, '09 8:08 pm

Jeff, def rent the game do not buy it. The reviews were horrible.

Jepockn Sep. 16th, '09 8:57 pm

worst menu system ever!

the game is a bit of a improvement over last year, but essentially still feels the same.

Kiddstyle Sep. 16th, '09 9:05 pm

If you liked 2k9, you'll love 2K10. I hated 2K9.

Is 2K10 a great game? No. I would give it a 7 at best. IGN gave 2K9 a higher score than 2K10. Is 2K9 better? Hell no. It was probably the worst 2K hockey game ever. The AI in 2K10 is great. Other than that....... I don't know, I haven't played it enough. So far, there are more negatives than positives, especially online.


* Graphics are improved
* AI is better
* Arenas are nice


Players get stuck in them too long. This is similar to the NBA series.

Shooting is not responsive enough. There were a few times when I tried to take a slapshot and it would do a fake shot, then a wrist shot. Controls feel like a polished 2K9 version. 2K9 controls were terrible. Polish up terrible and you have OK, I guess.

Defensive controls
They are improved, but not as good as anything since 2K5. You can move the stick side to side while skating backwards, but you stop skating. You have to let go of the right stick to start skating again. I feel like the developers lied to people about how good they were. They are average at best.

Offensive controls
Same gripe as defensive controls. Just terrible.
Ice diving This should be contextual.

Player Models
The goalies went from super large to super small.

I've only played 4 games. The offline games were good, online was bad. I was handcuffed by the controls and couldn't stop the same goal from being scored.

I honestly don't think 2k has the resources for hockey to step the game up where I want it to be. Maybe I'm wrong, hopefully I am. Now that graphics are improved, and AI is improved, they can focus on user control. This is my number one gripe about this game.

I'm tough on games, especially sports franchises. I don't get all crazy when the latest game comes out just because it has a new number on the box. I expect these developers to deliver high quality content every year. It's not EA is coming up with ideas like EASHL and BAP on their own. I'm sure it was posted somewhere by some fan at a site like this. But kudos to EA for delivering great additions and leaving the gameplay where fans like it. Although I could go on about how EA could improve their game as well. They actually seem to listen to their fans.

Maybe this game is better than I think. Maybe I need to spend a few more hours tweaking it. A positive with sliders this year is that you can change how the computer plays with tendencies. I think they call it intelligence sliders. If you can live with the controls being the way they are, this game is playable, and quite possibly enjoyable, offline.

Kiddstyle Sep. 16th, '09 9:11 pm

Ya. What's up with them always changing the menu system? I think it's kind of neat how replays show up with you switch modules, but it's kind of awkward.

To be honest, they need to clean house over there.

Jeffrey99 Sep. 16th, '09 10:49 pm

That's kidd for the review. I absolutely hated 2k9, so guessing 2k10 won't be any better. Damn that sucks. Was really looking forward to a 2k league again. Oh well, I'll try to find it some place to rent this weekend.

Phoenix 2.0 Sep. 17th, '09 11:18 am

thanks for taking the time to post your quick review Kidd!

BoozersOnline Sep. 17th, '09 11:24 am

Thanks for the review guys doesnt sound great

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