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BleedBlueBlood Nov. 5th, '10 1:27 pm

"Weed & Whiskey" Night
So the Quebec Nordiques were planning on having a "Weed & Whiskey" night tonight to have some fun. I thought, why don't we invite others to join us (and they can play against us - as long as we have a full team of 6 on our side).

I'd like to get a 6vs6 OTP with 20 min periods going to see what that's like.

I'm thinking we'll meet up around 10pm est.

Yours truly and Canadian Whiskey will be hosting the event. Interested?

Captain Bodget Nov. 5th, '10 1:28 pm

I'm in.

BleedBlueBlood Nov. 5th, '10 1:30 pm

Please make sure you add myself or Whiskey to your FR list.

canadianwhiskey Nov. 5th, '10 1:33 pm

silentmiller Nov. 5th, '10 1:34 pm

I am definitely in....wait, what was the question?

canadianwhiskey Nov. 5th, '10 1:36 pm

Rip Winkle Nov. 5th, '10 1:41 pm

Spiced Rum & Egg Nog

We are going to be slammed with a storm but if my basement doesn't flood I am in.



I will try to get in more than 1 game before passing out this time....:chuckle:

Gods Soldier 17 Nov. 5th, '10 2:00 pm

You know I am down for this....20min periods sound like a BLAST!!!!!!

silentmiller Nov. 5th, '10 2:03 pm

jujimum Nov. 5th, '10 2:33 pm

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