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BleedBlueBlood May. 24th, '18 3:55 pm

Battlefield V
Yup, it's coming in October. Can't wait as it looks utterly fantastic! BF is my favorite shooter series, nothing else comes close.

Latdogg May. 24th, '18 4:27 pm

I'm not going to lie, I was really hoping that Battlefield V was going to be a return to the modern era. I love BF but was not really into Battlefield 1. This new game looks kind of cartoony, the character models look like an arcade shooter. I am going to need to see some real game play stuff but I think I will have to pass on this one.

BleedBlueBlood May. 24th, '18 4:33 pm

I loved BF 1 and I do like modern era warfare too. It's the futuristic crap that I despise and probably why I can't stand COD (except I do enjoy and still play WW2)

BenchBoss67 May. 24th, '18 8:10 pm

i have to agree was hoping for something new have ww2 for cod will see when it comes out

BenchBoss67 May. 28th, '18 9:01 pm

Just saw this on Twitter there are no loot crates or premium pass for this version of battlefield everyone gets same maps so squads can stay together

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