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No Regretzkys Jun. 13th, '17 3:59 pm

XBS Versus Tournament (v2) - Official Announcement and Players-List/Rules/Bracket
Pack your bags... We're heading overseas.

After many, many piping hot cups of chicken-flavored Ramen (@Blaklash), and a multitude of threatening messages from DustyRytStyk, claiming that I rigged his controller to under-perform in the past tournament, we're finally ready to announce the logistics and set-up of our next Versus Tournament, here on the site.

Overseas...? Yes. In the name of fun, variety, and keeping things fresh, this tournament will be taking us to the big ice in Europe, where teams from six different leagues will compete against each other for one participant to claim the right of being addressed as the "European Cup Champion".

Eligible Leagues Include:
Extraliga Ledniho Hokeje (Wow)
National League

Similar to the first installment in our budding saga of tournaments, each participant will select one team from any of the aforementioned leagues, to be assigned to them throughout tournament play. Including a wide selection of leagues makes for a lot of options, so choose carefully. There's a ton of old NHL names scattered throughout these teams, that I'm sure spark some nostalgic feelings for some.

The inclusion of these teams does also set the stage for a different style of game, due to the lower player-overalls. In a game where both teams are using players of the same caliber, the flow will balance itself out, but this absolutely does call for an adjustment to everyone's play-style, really showing the true skill and prowess of each individual, when it comes to Versus.

Tournament Set-Up

Taking a different route than anything mentioned before, this tournament will be divided into a number of "divisions". The amount of sign-ups we receive will dictate how many "divisions" there are, and each "division" will be balanced based upon performance from last tournament, and F5 Penguin's statistics. Each member of each "division" will play each other twice. The points-system is as follows:

Win - 3 Points
Overtime Win - 2 Points
Overtime Loss - 1 Point
Loss - 0 Points

The leading two members in each "division", upon conclusion of all games, will move forward into the bracket, against the leaders of the other "divisions". Wild-Cards may be necessary to fill out the bracket, depending on the number of sign-ups, and if that is the case, updates will be posted.

Upon advancement into the bracket stage, players will go against each other in a best-of-3 series, ultimately leading to the finals, which will be a best-of-7 series, similar to the last tournament. The official bracket and "divisions" will be linked in this thread as sign-ups conclude.

Stats and Reporting Scores

New to this tournament, is the tracking of statistics. A spreadsheet tracking every team in the tournament and their individual statistics can be found in a link which will be posted soon. It is asked that the winner of each game submit photos through text to either myself or Kabbott, (numbers will be provided through PMs) so we can continue to update the spreadsheet and offer another element into the tournament... Required pictures are as follows:

Home Stats - Skaters and Goalies (Under Box Score)
Away Stats - Skaters and Goalies (Under Box Score)

The final score of each game should also be posted in this thread, just like last tournament, and confirmed by both players.

Game Rules

Identical to the past, periods will be five minutes long. For "divisions" play, the "tiebreaker" should be set to "5-Minute Overtime and Shootout" (3-on-3), and for bracket play, the "tiebreaker" should be set to "Continuous OT".

While playing, please keep in mind that this is a tournament within XBS, and the same expectations of respect and sportsmanship should be upheld, as if this were the XBSHL. There are no rules against any kind of play-style, or any kind of goal, but keep things classy and fun with your opponent, so we can keep these going, and grow the idea.

Recording Clips and Streaming

We encourage every participant to record clips throughout their game. Whether it's a crazy save, a huge hit, or a beautiful goal, we want to see it. Ability will be archiving all of the clips and piecing together his patented montages as the tournament progresses. Just be sure to leave him a message so he knows to look for them.

Streaming is highly encouraged as well. Although you can't record clips while streaming, one or the other offers an awesome dynamic into the whole experience of the tournament. It was awesome watching streams throughout the last tournament, and it'd be great to see it just as frequently throughout this one. Shout out your stream link in the Shoutbox, and help get interactive with this tournament.


Sign-ups are open as of this moment. Please send me a PM regarding your desire to participate, and state the team you wish to control. Like last tournament, the first member to request a team, will get the team.

As the tournament progresses, stats can be tracked here -!AofHz-VeSUsXom6tNJ9daw9Inqpn

No Regretzkys Jun. 13th, '17 4:03 pm

Official Players-List

1. Kabbott - EHC Biel-Bienne
2. No Regretzkys - Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers
3. Danzerino - SC Bern
4. BleedBlueBlood - Skelleftea AIK
5. BenchBoss - Lausanne HC
6. NYIsles1972 - EV Zug
7. Walker - Frolunda Indians
8. HockeyPlaya - ZSC Lions
9. Makakk - HC Lugano
10. DesiredCustoms - BK Mlada Boleslav
11. F5 Penguin - Helsingin IFK
12. XboxJon - Djurgardens IF Hockey
13. FeenixRising - SCL Tigers
14. HABS - Adler Mannheim
15. Laynher - Orebro HK
16. DustyRytStyk - HC Dynamo Pardubice
17. Rushpac - Kolner Haie
18. Rip Winkle
19. Nutty Grandpa - Malmo Redhawks
20. OSB - Tappara
21. BTW - HV71
22. Bouldercreek - Porin Assat

Division #1
No Regretzkys

Division #2

Division #3
F5 Penguin
Rip Winkle

Division #4
Nutty Grandpa

*Note*... Divisions 3 and 4 both have five players each, as compared to Divisions 1 and 2, which have six players each. Each player in Division 3 and 4 will receive a "bye", and be awarded two wins, in order to balance everything out, and to make up for the lack of a sixth player.

Blaklash Jun. 13th, '17 7:04 pm

Veeeery interesting. Did not see the League choice coming!

Lemme go do some research real quick before I pick a team

F5 Penguin Jun. 14th, '17 12:00 am

I'm in but don't know what team I want yet.

I'll also be happy to keep an ELO as we progress through. I'll also capture the Goals For/Against on the previous tournament and factor that in. Probably be able to get to it over the weekend so bare with me. A little slammed catching up from E3 work.

Edit: Legit question - are we on International ice or NHL ice? Can we select that or is it auto-determined?

kabbott50 Jun. 14th, '17 8:11 am

Penguin, we'll be using International rules so it's international ice. All we'll be changing when setting it up, after selecting international rules, is the period length.

F5 Penguin Jun. 14th, '17 8:14 am

Oh cool. Thanks! So the icing rule is also different, right?

Makakk88 Jun. 14th, '17 8:29 am


Originally Posted by Blaklash (Post 343428)
Veeeery interesting. Did not see the League choice coming!

Lemme go do some research real quick before I pick a team

Haha yep same here. I spent an hour looking at roster and try out a few teams vs an AI, to make sure I wouldn't pick a team with a 60 overall goalie. I won against Toronto, which is good enough :agree:

kabbott50 Jun. 14th, '17 9:43 am


Originally Posted by F5 Penguin (Post 343436)
Oh cool. Thanks! So the icing rule is also different, right?

Nope. All international and IIHF leagues are tournaments are using the Hybrid rule now.

BleedBlueBlood Jun. 14th, '17 11:04 am

But if you fight, you get a game misconduct ;)

kabbott50 Jun. 14th, '17 1:17 pm

Now you're ruining the fun.

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