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Sober Apr. 4th, '17 3:19 pm

Whats up Fellas

Gtag is x Sober Enuff x From MN ( damn wild hitting the free fall again)

Been playing this damn game since online was a thing.....

I normally play LW but dabble in all areas. I play a left stick lw as I don't just sit and wait for clappers.

I also like taking the body when its there as those damn tripping calls LOL.

as you can see by the Gtag I love me some Captain Cokes LOL

I know a bunch of you guys via other leagues or back when I used to run VS all the time ( been quite a few years )

anywhoo Hit me up whenever and add me to F list if you like!



ps. DO WORK :showoff:LOL

BleedBlueBlood Apr. 4th, '17 4:55 pm

Welcome to XBS Sober.

DrugMonkeyRX Apr. 4th, '17 6:07 pm

Welcome to XBS sober! good to see you here

DustyRytStyk Apr. 4th, '17 6:21 pm


That 1 odd guy Apr. 4th, '17 8:06 pm

Welcome old captain

Rip Winkle Apr. 4th, '17 8:21 pm

Welcome to XBS Sober...

You will find we focus on respect first and foremost here.....kind of goes hand and hand with why we remain small....we want solid guys.....that want to have a great time.....while firing the puck around .......and being relaxed.

Hope that fits the bill.


SoulControlla99 Apr. 5th, '17 11:15 am

Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay.

x AbiLiTy x Apr. 6th, '17 2:05 am

Welcome to XBS, Sober! I know what it's like to have played a game from it's infancy.. I've owned every Tiger Woods game ever made lol. There's a lot of cool people here and the competition is pretty stellar. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Welcome aboard!

Sober Apr. 6th, '17 12:21 pm

Awww Man i gotta get my avatar pic on this site lol

DesiredCustoms Apr. 6th, '17 1:33 pm

welcome Sober.. great place with tons of great guys... you will enjoy

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