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pixel_archived Dec. 9th, '09 3:05 am

Last Movie You Saw Thread
I thought this might be a decent idea for a thread. Just bump this thread with the last movie you watched and let everyone else know what rating you would give it.

The last movie I watched was "Carriers" with the new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine... I think. I never heard of it before I started watching it so it was a pleasant surprise. It is a zombie type of movie and fairly good. Not a ground breaking movie or anything but if you like that genre of movie then you will definitely enjoy it.

I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10.

Xenogenetic Dec. 9th, '09 6:36 am

Last movie I saw was the new Star Trek movie. For not being a Star Trek fan whatsoever I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would give it a 8 out of 10.

kabbott50 Dec. 9th, '09 8:00 am

The Blind Side was the last one I saw. For some reason I didn't think Sandra Bullock as a blond would do it for me, but it caught on as the movie continued. Maybe it was all the tight clothes, who knows? I was, however, disappointed after the movie had ended, being a Patriots fan. I won't say anything about it, but if you watch the movie, you will understand.


canadianwhiskey Dec. 9th, '09 8:47 am

I checked out Gamer the other night. Pretty cool movie. Not much plot but a lot of cool action.

7 / 10

OldTimeHockey Dec. 9th, '09 9:11 am

JCVD....fell asleep. Enough said.

Drake Dec. 9th, '09 9:23 am

Terminator Salvation. I'd give it 8 out of 10 but im a huge fan of the terminator storyline.

Synyster Diablo Dec. 9th, '09 9:25 am

Funny People with Adam Sandler who I'm a huge fan of but thought this movie was very slow and could of ended a lot sooner than it did. All the funny parts are in the trailer in my opinion...


SoulControlla99 Dec. 9th, '09 11:27 am

Star Trek two days ago and Inglourious Basterds the day before that. Both I had seen before and both are good and I'd recommend seeing. Inglourious Basterds you may want to stay away from if you have a weak stomach.

GrandmasterB Dec. 9th, '09 11:36 am


Originally Posted by Xeno72 (Post 88056)
Last movie I saw was the new Star Trek movie. For not being a Star Trek fan whatsoever I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would give it a 8 out of 10.

Picked up the Blu-Ray on Saturday for $19.95 at Target. Worth every penny...this was also the last movie I watched. I'm right there with you Xeno, not a Star Trek fan but really enjoyed the movie. 7.5/10

Jcon77 Dec. 9th, '09 1:47 pm

G.I. Joe. Say what you will but I liked it quite a bit. Baroness did it for me, and Scarlet definitely did too. Not up there with the Star Trek's of the world, but a good mindless action movie nonetheless. Snake Eyes and Stormshadow were badass. Wish the movie had a bit more of them fighting.

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