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Blackzyuk Nov. 17th, '15 8:23 pm

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Im not sure who comes to the site anymore, but I was wondering if someone could help me chang this logo up for my Rastlin team. Our colors are just red and white, and I added in silver... I was hoping to make something for a t-shirt that looked like the Golden State Warriors logo. Basically needed help changing the colors around, and it wasnt working for me in pain.Attachment 942

Jeffrey99 Nov. 23rd, '15 6:25 am

I could try and do it but since I'm pretty new at all that, I'd need a much bigger logo. Is that the biggest you could find?

Rip Winkle Nov. 23rd, '15 6:42 am

I'm horrible at this type of thing Steve.....I'm sure someone can help though...can't really remember who did all the Sig working the past....juji?...letters?.


LL ShockZone Nov. 23rd, '15 11:21 am

That would probably be me... Or at least, I tried for every team I joined. T, do you have a link to the actual graphic?

Rip Winkle Nov. 23rd, '15 2:02 pm

Thats right I remember now shock.


Blackzyuk Nov. 23rd, '15 4:46 pm

Thanks guys... Here is the link...its in the bottom right...

Our colors are Red white and silver

Tougie Nov. 23rd, '15 4:54 pm

Mean't to ask if there was a larger file size the other day, I'll give it a try as well.

SoulControlla99 Nov. 23rd, '15 5:06 pm

Here are the bigger pics.


Tougie Nov. 23rd, '15 7:20 pm

So I've just thrown together a couple of different color combos. You weren't too specific other than the Golden State mention. These are by no means a final, unless you see one you really like T. But let me know which one is closest (if any) to what you had in mind, and I can make changes from there.

Blackzyuk Nov. 23rd, '15 7:37 pm

Dude I really like the first one you did... I really appreciate your help with this... I am going to use it on our wrestling teams t-shirts. If you want Ill send you one for helping me out. Thanks man.

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