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Lemieux1928 Mar. 30th, '17 9:15 pm

Lems Lemieux
Hi all,

I'm Lemieux. I currently play in 239 hockey league but looking for other opportunities to play as well and heard good things about this hockey league. I mainly play goalie but can play wing (RW preferred) as well. Looking forward to getting started here and meeting you guys.

That 1 odd guy Mar. 30th, '17 9:21 pm

Hey lems hows things? welcome its pretty cool over here

Lemieux1928 Mar. 30th, '17 9:23 pm

Hey odd - things are good! Glad to hear it I'm looking for pretty cool haha

allthway Mar. 30th, '17 9:24 pm

Welcome man, I think you'll like it

Lemieux1928 Mar. 30th, '17 9:25 pm

Hey thanks man! Looking forward to it

DustyRytStyk Mar. 30th, '17 9:26 pm

Welcome Lemieux!

Lemieux1928 Mar. 30th, '17 9:29 pm

Thanks Dusty! Looking forward to this league

No Regretzkys Mar. 30th, '17 9:33 pm

Welcome! Good group of guys over here. Glad to have you.

Lemieux1928 Mar. 30th, '17 9:37 pm

Thanks Gretzky. Glad to be here looking forward to it

BleedBlueBlood Mar. 30th, '17 11:31 pm

Welcome to XBS!

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