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ViolentMP Apr. 17th, '16 1:04 am

Long time no speak!
I stopped by to see how the site was doing, and I see you have a new season started. :) I was curious as to how the new format with NHL16 would work with the pre-determined player templates and whatnot, and how the league would handle it. Seems like everyone is adjusting to it nicely. :) I'm tempted to sign up again and bust some heads, but I'm still working 2nd shift (3pm-11pm), so I know it would be difficult for me to participate on a consistent basis if the games are starting at 9-10pm EST respectively. However, I may be moving to a weekend shift at work, which means I'd be able to play Mon-Thurs. :) I can only hope that comes to fruition. I'm always up for any OTP games and if anyone sees me online, feel free to message me. Take care everyone, and I hope to be able to sign up and play consistently soon!

ViolentMP (aka Mark Patterson)

Revelations Apr. 17th, '16 1:28 am

Welcome back brother! I hope to see you out there soon!

KT Apr. 17th, '16 1:45 am

Welcome back man! The template thing is actually pretty nice. Everyone is the same speed, takes more team work..etc. Great to have you back, hope to see you back in the league soon.

Blaklash Apr. 17th, '16 2:28 am

Violent! Good to see ya man! Whenever you're ready to come back we welcome you with open arms my friend.

kdfsjljklgjfg Apr. 17th, '16 4:12 am

Welcome back, Violent! We missed your violence!

muscleyarms83 Apr. 17th, '16 6:29 am

Hey man!

Fair warning, the defensive d-man template is slow as balls and unplayable compared to previous years. You want the violence, go enforcer.

FluKy Apr. 17th, '16 9:32 am

Welcome back!

Hey the DFD is what I've been using with some level of success here, not too slow and able to injure still :)

ViolentMP Apr. 18th, '16 12:03 am

I've been using the DFD template online and it seems to suit me fine. I just drop back into the zone quicker to avoid breakaways. I do hate that the passing is shit though. :(

No Regretzkys Apr. 18th, '16 1:07 am

Welcome back Mark! Miss playing with you Brotha, hope to see you back in the league soon!

Nico 916 Suave Apr. 18th, '16 1:41 am

Welcome back dude!

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