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nosice Dec. 20th, '12 10:36 am

Ethernet Cord Run or alternatives
Okay Here's the deal.. I built a 20x40 shop in my backyard for our business.... For about 5 months ive been lazy and used an extension cord to run the machines and such but its time to fix this up right

The shop basically has two sides... One is a inclosed shop and the other is more like a garage area for Wood working and ETC.... As of right now the petition between the two areas is not up yet So When My the door is open I can receive the signal from my router and can process orders ....

But its time and its cold and Im ready to have a warm building to work in... So its time to get everything hooked up (electricity and internet)... Because of it being a metal building, I would rather hard wire the internet ... Two questions, lol.. finally, I want to run 100 ft ethernet cord, will i have trouble with the signal doing this....?, and I would really like to run the ethernet cord in the electricity conduit..... will I have interference if I do that....?

Thanks in advance..

BONGKARMA Dec. 20th, '12 10:43 am

I used a 100 ft cable into the electricity conduit to run into my studio. works great.

ShoalinCowboy76 Dec. 20th, '12 10:54 am

I have a 60 foot cord running the 5 feet from my router to my XBOX. :rofl: No problems.

canadianwhiskey Dec. 20th, '12 11:14 am

No Ethernet can run up to 300 ft so you will be fine. Anything after that you would need a repeater.

nosice Dec. 20th, '12 12:11 pm

Thanks for info.... I was worried about using the same conduit but if you're having no problems then i feel pretty comfortable doing that..

FluKy Dec. 20th, '12 12:11 pm

I use a 50 foot and Im 5 feet away too :rofl:

canadianwhiskey Dec. 20th, '12 12:34 pm

Don't skimp on the cable and you should be ok with the shielding for running it in the same conduit.

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