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Latdogg Dec. 4th, '17 6:42 am

Xbox One X
Good morning XBS, I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season so far. I was curious if any of you purchased the OneX? I recently bought a 4K UHD set so I splurged and bought the OneX on release day. I didn't think I would notice much of a difference but so far I seem to have thought wrong. It runs very quiet, everything loads faster, and I do notice a graphical boost (the only game I have that was built for OneX is Battlefront II). I also love the 1TB HDD, my original launch Xbox One (which is now in my bedroom) is only 500 GB. Either way I am very happy with this console so far!

OldTimeHockey Dec. 4th, '17 9:56 am

Good to hear buddy. I too purchased it. I don't really notice a difference for NHL 18, but I do for Call of Duty WWII. And the silky smooth speed of the console is nice. I've actually noticed a difference when I was ripping the games to the hard drive it didn't take as long.

BleedBlueBlood Dec. 4th, '17 1:08 pm

I have the new console, but I'm not gaming on a 4K set yet.

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