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jujimum Jun. 24th, '12 4:42 pm

Fifa 13
With so many people at XBS playing Fifa, I was thinking about getting the next version. I've always somewhat enjoyed the game but never had anyone to play it with. So I just quit buying it.

Unfortunately, FIFA 13 is introducing one of my most hated features in a sports game. Unexpected mistakes.

I know there are people on both sides of the argument and I've always been on the side that says let the player make a mistake, don't let the game determine when a mistake is made. The idea behind the mistakes is a good one. Makes you adapt on the fly. Sounds good and all but I'm just not a fan. Of course, I do have to see it first hand before completely dismissing the concept.

FIFA 13 calls this new feature "First Touch Control". According to OXM, the idea is that "even the best players can have passes ricochet in a direction they weren't expecting". To be fair, sometimes the bounces will go your way too.

I don't want to re-write everything about it. EAC's Aaron McHardy described it this way. It's not random. It's absolutely not random. It's predictably unpredictable. If it doesn't happen, you feel like you've been robbed."

Doesn't make any sense to me so until I see it or actually play it, I'm going to remain skeptical. I don't like taking things out of the player's hands. Never have and probably never will. I'd rather things be sensitive or that you have to be lined up properly to make the play. Even then I don't like it because I don't have the time/desire to perfect things. But at least that puts it in the player's hands and rewards those who do play the game more.

pixel_archived Jun. 24th, '12 5:27 pm

What I gathered from that is that they have other factors in play that will determine if the ball takes off on you. Maybe the whether during the game? Maybe the spin of the ball? I am just guessing.

I am a wait and see type of person. I won't complain or cheer for it until I see what it is like on the pitch. One thing though is FIFA has the best physics engine of all the sports games imo (not counting baseball because there is no real contact). So this *could* be a good thing if done right. But time will tell I guess.

As far as getting FIFA 13, I will absolutely be getting it and plan on playing online quite a bit. Now whether or not I lose a bit of interest when NHL comes out we will see but personally I love FIFA.

jujimum Jun. 24th, '12 5:37 pm

Yeah, it's too early to tell and that's the stuff I'm talking about. If there's a reason for it, it might be OK. But if the game just feels like you should mess up at that time, I'll absolutely hate it.

The OXM writer, Kat Bailey, said "If First Touch Control ends up feeling unnatural, it could throw the entire balance of the game out of whack. Nevertheless, the possibilities are tantalizing."

As far as other stuff in the article they say the AI is smarter (curving around to stay onside, stuttersteps to keep momentum, drifting to create space then curve back to receive the pass, etc.). They will be thinking two plays ahead rather than just waiting for the pass.

But the 6-paragraph article was mostly about First Touch Control.

I did have to laugh at part of Aaron McHardy's quote below. I'll highlight the part in yellow that I thought was important and funny. About First Touch Control.

"It changes the way you think about building your attack. The depth that makes you think like a footballer is what people actually enjoy about our game, I think."

I just found it funny because he should probably KNOW what people like about the game and not what he thinks people will like.

pixel_archived Jun. 24th, '12 5:51 pm

Yeah for sure. I think what they should do with it is have that as an attribute. A "first touch" attribute. Then guys with a higher first touch would be less likely to fumble it.

It is true though that FIFA 12 is a bit too "perfect". If you watch a real soccer match the ball flies off of guys boots the wrong direction all the time. In FIFA 12 if you are really good that never happens. So I do agree that this *could* be a great thing.

DrugMonkeyRX Jun. 24th, '12 5:52 pm

i will be def picking this game up for sure. I didn't buy this yrs and i regret it.

jujimum Jun. 24th, '12 5:59 pm


Originally Posted by pixelslash (Post 228510)
If you watch a real soccer match the ball flies off of guys boots the wrong direction all the time. In FIFA 12 if you are really good that never happens. So I do agree that this *could* be a great thing.

I'm not arguing, but that is what scares me as well. Just like in NHL a pass isn't always received, but I'd be absolutely livid if I'm ready for the pass and it just bounces off of me leading to a breakaway for the opponent. Now, if it was because I was facing the wrong way or something, that MIGHT be OK :rofl: But I need all the helpers I can get. I make enough mistakes on my own to the point that I don't need the game doing it for me.

More than likely it won't be a game killer for me. But it did raise an eyebrow. It also might be enough to make me wait until you guys give the thumbs up or down :D

I forgot what the last version I played was but it didn't last long. I worry about my limited soccer knowledge as well. I played in a League over at LG but was just OK...which is normal for me :P

*EDIT* Looks like FIFA 09 was my last FIFA game to play.

P13M4N Jun. 24th, '12 6:53 pm

This game I'm definitely going to get. I've been looking for a used copy of FIFA 12 but they're nowhere to be found right now.

BleedBlueBlood Jun. 24th, '12 7:36 pm

Yeah, I'll be picking it up. When's the release date?

DrugMonkeyRX Jun. 24th, '12 7:43 pm


Originally Posted by BleedBlueBlood (Post 228531)
Yeah, I'll be picking it up. When's the release date?

pretty sure it comes out after NHL...probably october? not sure.

jujimum Jun. 24th, '12 7:48 pm

Best i could find is end of Sepember. Current date as of June 6th is September 27th. But that's a Thursday.

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