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Jun. 22nd, '08, 12:30 pm
Picked this up yesterday, had some fun races. Doing a career, starting the circuit in rookie mode. Leading the standings after a handful of races, about 15 to go. Up next is France (wet). We'll see how it goes. Fun game so far!

Definitely tempted to bust out Forze 2 again as well.

Jun. 22nd, '08, 2:32 pm
A bunch of guys from GUG talked me into downloading the demo for Moto GP 07 and I had a blast with it. I never download demos, but was glad I did with that one. I think there were only two tracks but you could race online. Had a lot of fun with it, just didn't have enough time to play it then (plus no one else really bought it).

There's definitely a learning curve with those games but that's what I liked about it. Moto GP and Forza are all about working the brake and Acceleration as well as finding the right line to take. To me, that's what makes a racing game.

To go slightly off-topic but to answer your question (hopefully briefly), GRID is an OK game but nothing like Forza or Moto GP. It is VERY arcadey in my opinion. While there is some "working the brake/accel" in GRID, it's not very crucial to winning. Now I do have to say that online, which is what I was doing when you sent me that message, it's a bit different. We had only four guys in the room and so it came down to hitting the turns right. But you still could make major mistakes and win which annoys me.

Put it this way, in Forza you get a few bumps and damage is set to on, you're out of the race for the most part. In Grid, you can smash into tire walls or even T-bone another car and not only finish the race, but possibly WIN it. The only way to get damaged or totaled is to wreck several times, or just full throttle into a wall.

I tend to get rambling on this, so I'll just summarize it by saying that if you want a fairly sim experience, stick to Forza 2. If you want a fun game that has a nice career mode to it, you'd like GRID. But Grid just doesn't pull me in like most racing games. I even put it below PGR4 in terms of arcade vs. sim. I think it goes Forza, PGR4, and then Grid. PGR4 at least affects your times when you touch a wall. Grid allows you to bump and grind your way to the win.

Jun. 23rd, '08, 10:48 am
Thanks for the review of GRID. Sounds like it wouldn't be my cup of tea at all. I did some more racing this weekend on MotoGP and started to get a feel for my brake and turn-in points. I can't run a single race (even in rookie) without spending at least 20 minutes on the track getting farmiliar with it. Great fun game.