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Phoenix 2.0
Mar. 26th, '10, 8:47 am


Apple would leverage its brand along with the 125 million U.S. iTunes accounts to insert itself into the HDTV market, Munster added. The home entertainment market is worth $31.8 billion in the U.S. with HDTV shipments up 268 percent over the past decade. However, the average price for an HDTV has been cut in half and market revenue is expected to shrink in 2010.

Munster said Apple’s entry into the market would “change the rules of the game.” Apple has revolutionized other mature markets, most notably music with the iPod’s introduction. Although talk of Apple getting into the TV business is nothing new, the analyst believes there is more reasons for such a move now.

Both the introduction of new iMacs with 27-inch screens, coupled with Apple’s success with the App Store and the Cupertino, Calif. company’s desire to be a player in portable gaming points to toward the logic of a move into HDTV.

“An all-in-one TV could be a logical next step for the company to expand its reach further into the gaming market with limited risk using an existing infrastructure,” Munster said.

Earlier this month, the New York Times reported a GoogleTV could appear this summer powered by Intel’s Atom chip and the Mountain View, Calif. Internet giant’s Chrome Web browser. Already, limited testing with satellite provider Dish Network is reportedly underway.

Phoenix 2.0
Jun. 4th, '10, 6:44 pm
June 7th can't come fast enough!

the rumors of an updated iPhone are too strong to ignore, there will be one showcased for sure. One thing Steve Jobs has often referred to as a "hobby" for Apple it the Apple TV, recent rumors indicate we may see something shown on June 7th:


size of an iPod and only $99.99? streaming service (like iTunes) in full HD with storage on a cloud based farm may entice many people over:


also rumored is a Mac Mini refresh with HDMI support...

is it June 7th yet?

Phoenix 2.0
Jul. 28th, '10, 7:19 pm

Apple and Tivo teaming up?

Phoenix 2.0
Aug. 24th, '10, 3:47 pm
http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/08/24/apple_negotiating_99_cent_tv_show_rentals_ahead_of _new_itv_report.html

99 cent shows that you stream seems a bit high IMO (when you can stream most shows for free elsewhere)

If there is an option to add an external drive and allow for storage then 99 cents would be ok if you could store them, but then again most people have a PVR nowadays.

$99.99 for the"iTV" seems ok but what will set it apart from everything else on the market... what does Apple have up it's sleeve this time?

Phoenix 2.0
Apr. 17th, '11, 5:51 am
the rumor mill won't stop churning....

http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/04/13/evidence_points_toward_apple_releasing_hdtv_this_y ear_report.html

Earlier this year, Apple revealed it had invested $3.9 billion of its cash reserves in securing key components for products. Many have assumed that money has gone toward securing displays for its range of products, including the iPhone and iPad.

But Munster said in February he believes that $3.9 billion investment is just more evidence of a forthcoming Apple HDTV. He believes Apple could build a television set up to 50 inches in size, though he predicted earlier this year that such a product would not launch until the end of calendar year 2012 at the earliest