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Phoenix 2.0
Jan. 18th, '10, 7:42 am

I read this article and always thought that our American friends were cheaper than us, after reading this article I want to thank Rogers!

The plan I am on in not unlimited, since I got the iPhone 3G when they first dropped in Canada (almost 2 years ago) and locked into Rogers "discounted" pricing for iPhone users. I get 6GB of data per month with 150:00 weekday minutes and unlimited weeknight/weekend calling, 2500 sent text messages and unlimited incoming for $59.00 per Month and that includes Visual voicemail as part of the iPhone bundle.




The data plan may as well be unlimited since the closest I came to using up 6GB was 4.5GB and that was just after the launch of the 3.0 OS with tethering. The voice plan is perfect for me as I rarely need to call anyone since Text is an option.... and if I burn through 2500 sent texts in a Month I will seek counselling.

Jan. 18th, '10, 7:45 am
you got a REALLY good deal with that iphone holy crap. nobody can beat that now.

Phoenix 2.0
Jan. 18th, '10, 7:47 am
now that Bell and Telus are selling iPhones as well as Fido and Rogers in Canada don't be so sure that once the iPhone 4G drops we will see a price war, also known as a win-win for consumers.

the deal I am locked into is great and I have no complaints, I honestly can't remember ever having a dropped call...

Jan. 18th, '10, 8:26 am
well with WIND mobile now, the prices will be dropping like rocks in water :)

Phoenix 2.0
Jan. 18th, '10, 8:37 am
ahhh yeah forgot about Wind.... woo hoo!

Jan. 18th, '10, 9:05 am
i so wish telus would do something like the plans from wind. its pure unlimited at the top level, everyoe else still has limits. i could get like a 70 dollar plan with them for a 100 dollar value with others. it'll happen soon enough i hope :)

Jan. 20th, '10, 6:33 pm
I have the 900 Nation plan that runs $59.99 and the unlimited texts for $20. I was hoping with the recent rate drops that my plan would go down, but it didn't. Do you have to purchase the iPhone data plan in Canada? We have an extra $30 per month for data that is part of every iPhone plan.

Phoenix 2.0
Jan. 21st, '10, 8:37 pm
I wonder if this little tidbit has anything to do with AT&T lowering prices:


A tablet still might not be the only new hardware we see from Apple next week -- the rumor mill is still churning out news that the "one more thing" next week will be a brand new version of the iPhone, set up on the Verizon network